How To Remove Seats From A Car

How To Remove Seats From A Car

When you clean your car or want to repurpose its use for loading up materials, there is a process that you usually follow to get them out, but it all sounds easy until you get to remove them physically.

Depending on the make and model of your car, there may be some considerations you need to make to ensure you safely remove them, and it can be challenging to find how your seats are locked into place as panels and coverings can make the bottom hard to get to.

That’s why we have a guide below on how you can identify the bolts and remove them safely without too much hassle, and it may be helpful if you get your car detailed, as you want all those small spaces to get cleaned as well.   

Prevent Airbag Failure 

Some car owners will notice that the airbags will fail after the car seats are removed, and this can be identified by a light that appears on your dashboard even though you haven’t tampered with them in any way.

So the first thing you want to do is disconnect the airbags by disconnecting the minus or black cable from the car battery and remove the seats as you would, but only reconnect it once the seats are back in place. 

In some cases, you won’t be able to turn on or operate the car once the front seats are taken out, so be sure to position your vehicle in a safe spot, preferably a garage if you have one, or anywhere that you access all areas of the car without too much difficulty.

Identify If Your Seats Are Bolted Down 

Now you can remove the seats, you want to go to the back of your front seats, and if you look near the floor, you’ll see bolts on a track or firmly attached to the bottom, which will differ depending on the type of seat adjustment you have.

You can adjust the front seat so it’s pushed all the way forward, giving you a good view and access to these bolts so that you can use a socket wrench with the right amount of length should be enough to unscrew them, but you may need a bit of strength to remove them.  

Once the back is done, you can pull the seat back and revolve the front bolts, following the same guide, but make sure to fully pull the seat back as you won’t be able to remove the bolts otherwise.

Then you can remove the cable or jack that is primarily connected to the airbag sensors, so that is why it’s essential to remove the black line from the battery first. 

Maneuver Seats Out Of Position 

You can also remove the seatbelt clips from each seat if you need to do a deep clean, though this isn’t necessary as some can be difficult to remove.

Now you want to carefully remove the seats from the car, making sure the seat rails don’t scratch anything on the way out, and here you want to give the railings a good clean as these can gather a lot of dust or bits of debris that have been dropped down there over the years.

Now For The Backseats

This process can be tricky as the backseats are usually connected and need to be removed as a whole, so you want to look at your seats to see how they are set into the car.

Some of these designs have a lever at the front you have to pull to get them to slide out, and sometimes you’ll have to wedge your hand in behind the back of the seats and give them a good pull, or it might be as simple as having a pull handle in the middle of the seat.

However you do this, you can find any exposed bolts holding it down and remove them as you would, and if possible, it may be easier for you to remove them from the back of your car, as the unit may not fit through the side passenger doors. 

Cleaning The Interior 

Cleaning The Interior 

With all the seats taken out, you have access to the whole floor of your car, and you can clean it as you like, but before you do this, you should make an effort to cover any exposed wires or harnesses with a bag, as these could get knocked and affect the sensors in them.

One thing you should take care of is the grease that is on the tracks or runners, as this allows better movement of the seat when you position it, but it’s okay if you need to remove dust and other bits of dirt.

What If I Can’t Find What’s Holding Down My Seats?

If you can’t find the bolts on the track, make sure to check behind any pieces of trimming that are part of the seat, as these bolts can hide easily, so it’s worth checking around the entire seat to find an anchorage spot, where the seatbelt holder meets the track.

Suppose you’re still struggling to find it. In that case, you can usually find their locations using the vehicle handbook with the documents.

Here you’ll discover how the car all fits together and may even give you some safety advice when disconnecting sensors, for example.

Final Thoughts 

Of course, nothing relating to car maintenance is ever easy, so if you still can’t work out how to remove them, the next time you see a mechanic for a tune-up or a repair, make a note of this problem and ask them where they are, and they should be able to help you.

With this in mind, there are now even more things you can do with your car, making you more versatile in various settings.  

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