What Are Bumper Covers?

What Are Bumper Covers?

Bumper covers are typically located on the front of the vehicle where – you’ve guessed it! – are more likely to experience bumps. 

As you’re driving down the road, you’ve probably noticed bumper covers on other vehicles, however, do you understand the functionality and benefits of having one on your vehicle?

Well, in addition to personalizing your ride, heaps of advantages will make you want to purchase one. 

Modern bumper covers are typically lightweight and inexpensive, as opposed to the older-style steel bumper. Their location makes them especially susceptible to damage and scratches.

Although, the good news is that they’re relatively easy to replace and this is usually the cheapest option. 

With this in mind, this article is going to explore everything you need to know about bumper covers: what they are, how they protect your vehicle, and how much they cost, just to name a few. 

Ensure you’re protecting your vehicle with a bumper cover! 

What Is A Bumper Cover?

Depending on your vehicle’s model and make, there are many different bumper cover options available. 

Generally, these are composed of fiberglass or plastic – making them both lightweight and protective. Similarly, you can also find some made from leather and fabric. 

As its name suggests, a bumper cover is a protective layer situated on the outside of your vehicle’s bumper – providing an extra layer of protection against damage big and small. 

A bumper cover’s main purpose is to safeguard your vehicle in the event of a collision – acting as a shock absorber by providing another layer of protection to your bumper. 

Not only does a bumper cover protect the exterior of your vehicle from scratches and damage but also the interior – safeguarding valuable engine parts and functions (see also ‘What Causes A Radiator To Crack?‘). 

A bumper cover can also serve aesthetic purposes. Many drivers take pride in their vehicles and changing the cover provides an easy solution to customization – helping to change the whole look of a vehicle without much effort. 

There are many different types of bumper covers available. For instance, some include extra holes for lights – not only does this increase visibility during the night but allows you to incorporate unique features and accessories. 

With some aftermarket accessories, you can easily transform your old car into the car of your dreams. 

Why Do You Need A Bumper Cover?

Now that you have understood the benefits of purchasing a bumper cover, you may wonder if they are worth the cost. 

Often, bumper covers are valuable accessories that help you save a lot of money in the long run if you were to damage your car. 

On-street parkers, frequent travelers, and those using their personal vehicles for their daily commute are ideal candidates for a bumper cover upgrade. 

Whether you’re in frequent heavy traffic or travel through narrow streets, you could benefit from a quality bumper cover – they save you more money than you may realize!

Plus, if you find yourself in areas with dirt roads or lots of debris, bumper covers would definitely be worth the investment. A major culprit to chipped paint and scratches is flying rocks, a bumper cover protects you from these. 

Therefore, if the added safety in the event of a crash isn’t enough to tempt you, then maybe saving money on a paint job might entice you. 

What Are Bumper Covers?

Bumper Cover Options

While bumper covers can vary significantly depending on the model of your vehicle, it is important to first understand the costs associated before making the upgrade. 

Below, you will find some of the most popular models and the price range for each one. 

Omix – this brand offers a wide range of bumper cover options targeting Jeep vehicles in specific. With different styles and added fog light slots, you’re sure to have the cleanest rig on the track. Depending on your preferred style and make, you should expect to pay between $150=$375. 

Keystone – being one of the most popular brands on the market, Keystone offers a large selection of bumper covers, fitting anything from a Toyota to an Audi. However, that being said, prices are very dependent on the vehicle type and style, paying between $150-$700. 

CoverCraft – being one of the most recognizable bumpers on the road, CoverCraft offers their iconic soft bumper cover called Lebra. These are versatile materials composed of mesh and leather.

While you lose some protection, it makes up for this in exterior protection. Typically, these covers cost between $50-$250. 

While upgrading your bumper cover may not be the first thing that comes to mind, many drivers have enjoyed the added benefits of these covers for years. Consider upgrading your vehicle for improved collision protection with a fresh look to your ride. 

Bumper Covers Vs. Bumper Overriders Vs. Air Dams

Sometimes, bumper covers can be confused for bumper overrides and air dams, and vice versa. Since we’ve already discussed bumper covers; below, we will explore the two other car parts. 

Air Dams – these are essentially an extension located under the bumper cover. These are designed to improve the aerodynamics of your vehicle and are usually built-in. These are generally separate parts to help minimize the cost of repairs since they are susceptible to damage easily. 

Bumper Overriders – these are generally no longer found on modern cars. While they can still be found on classic cars, you won’t find them today. Essentially, they are designed to make the bumper taller. 

Final Thoughts

As its name suggests, a bumper cover is installed to protect the bumper of your vehicle. In addition to this, it also acts as an added layer of protection in the event of an accident, as well as preventing the interior engine from getting damaged (see also ‘What Does No Engine Brake Mean?‘). 

They are available in a range of different styles and models – there’s sure to be something that meets your requirements. Hopefully, this guide has informed you about everything you need to know about bumper covers.

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