How To Take The Doors Off A Jeep


Jeeps are a great car to drive and one of their main selling points is the ability to remove the doors.

This gives you a different aesthetic to your car and can make your driving experience if you commonly need to get in and out of the car.

If you’re looking to remove the doors of your Jeep, however, you will need to know how to do it correctly.

In this article, we will give you a step-by-step guide to removing the doors from your Jeep.

1. Prepare The Doors For Removal

Before you can remove your doors, you need to make sure that they’re safe and ready to be removed. This can be done in a few easy steps.

Step One: Side Mirrors

The side mirrors on a Jeep are attached directly to the door and are hinged so that they can fold flat.

It’s best to fold in the side mirrors so that they sit flat against the door first as this will help prevent your mirrors from getting damaged. It will also keep them out of your way as you work.

Step Two: Windows

It’s easier to remove the doors if you can grab hold of both the exterior and interior of the door.

This is why we recommend winding down your windows as this will allow you to reach inside and grab the door as you remove them.

Winding the window down will also protect the windows from being damaged as you move the door around or store them.

Step Three: Safety Strap

At the bottom of the door, you will find a black safety strap. The purpose of this strap is to prevent the door from opening too far and this needs to be removed before you can remove the door.

It’s easy to remove as you only need to unhook it from the body of the Jeep. It can remain on the door while the door is being stored.

Step Four: Wiring Pigtail

This is only necessary for Jeeps that have power windows and door locks. If your Jeep doesn’t have these, then this step can be skipped.

You should find a group of wires covered in black cloth that lead from your door to underneath the dashboard.

The wires have a plastic pigtail that connects them to the door so you can simply pull this apart.

2. Remove The Doors

2. Remove The Doors

With the preparation done, you can now begin to remove the doors.

Step One: Remove The Nuts

Each door is held in place by two bolts and each of these bolts has some nuts that you will need to remove.

You can remove these with a 13-millimeter socket and wrench.

Be careful as you remove the nuts, however. The nuts are painted the same color as the bodywork of your Jeep so be careful that you do not scratch and damage the paintwork (see also ‘How To Debadge A Car‘).

Not only will you have to patch up the scratches when you reattach the doors, but damaging the paint can lead to rust.

If you do scratch the paint, you can repair it using a touch-up paint that is designed for vehicles.

You can also use a six-point socket when you remove the nuts as this will prevent them from moving around as much while you unscrew them.

Step Two: Remove The Door

Now that you’ve removed the nuts, you can remove the doors. The easiest way to do this is to reach through the open window to take a firm grip on the interior door handle.

With your other hand, grip the exterior door handle and then pull the door straight up. Pulling the door up will ensure that the bolts on the door will be pulled out of their brackets.

Repeat the entire process for both driver and passenger doors.

3. Disable The Alarm And Light

Removing the doors isn’t the end of the process. Without any doors, your Jeep will consider them to be permanently open and will sound the door ajar alarm as well as keep the interior dome light on.

Thankfully, this can be resolved.

Step One: Battery

Before you continue, you should disconnect the battery. This is easily done by disconnecting the negative terminal on your battery.

This is the black cable and it is attached to the battery with a nut. Simply loosen this nut so that you can disconnect the wire.

Make sure that the disconnected wire is placed so that it won’t accidentally touch the negative terminal.

Step Two: Remove The Door Jam Fuse

There is a fuse box near your emergency brake. Remove the cover to expose the fuses.

On the underside of this cover is a diagram that labels all of the different fuses.

However, if this isn’t present or the writing isn’t clear, you can find the same information in your user manual. Use the diagram to locate the Door Jam Defeat fuse.

Use either a pair of needle nose pliers or fuse clips to remove this fuse. Make sure that you keep the fuse in a safe place so that you can replace it if you replace the doors.

Step Three: Battery

You can now reconnect the battery. Replace the nut with the black cable on the negative terminal and ensure that it has a solid connection.

When you turn the ignition of the Jeep, you should now find that the door ajar alarm won’t sound and the dome light won’t turn on.

Additional Notes

In some territories, it might be illegal to drive a vehicle without side mirrors.

You should check the rules for your area and if necessary, attach some side mirrors to your windshield (see also ‘Are Windshield Wipers Universal?‘) so that your Jeep is road legal.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we provided a step-by-step guide on how to take the doors off a Jeep.

We explained how to prepare your doors to be removed, as well as the procedure for removing the doors themselves.

We hope that this guide will help you remove the doors from your Jeep.

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