HeatShield Vs WeatherTech | Which Sunshade Is For You?

What is the difference between Heatshield and WeatherTech sun shade? Heatshield sunshades are reflective materials that reflect the sun’s rays away from the car. Contrarily, WeatherTech sun shades are a mesh material that blocks the sun’s rays from entering the car. Is that all between these two?

Let’s compare and contrast Heatshield Vs WeatherTech, so you can make an informed decision. Let’s explore!

Basic Car Sun Shade Comparison – HeatShield Vs WeatherTech

Key PointsHeatShieldWeatherTech
TypeHeatShield is an insulatorWeatherTech is a sunshade
AreaHeatShield can be installed in different areas of your carWeatherTech is limited to the roof
ProtectionReflects heat and blocks lightonly blocks light
Gas Consumptionhelps reduce gas consumption by 10% on averageno effect on gas consumption

Side By Side Comparison On Some Key Factors: Heatshield & Weathertech Sun Shade

There are two major differences between the HeatSheild and the sunshade. First, the heat shield is designed to be installed right behind your dashboard or any other heat-generating surface, thereby reducing temperature extremes inside your vehicle. This can help you beat the heat in extreme weather conditions.

The second difference is that the HeatSheild reflects away heat and blocks out light, whereas a sunshade attaches to the headliner of your car roof and shields you from the sun. This is a major difference because the sunshade does not reflect away heat and blocks out light.

Heatshields are made from a hard, transparent material sealed around the edge of the window. They usually have a small, triangular opening in the middle so you can see out of the car, but they block all sunlight from entering the car. Weathertech sun shades are made from a soft fabric material stretched over a frame.

Let’s take a look at the comparison on some other key factors:

Size Difference

Both HeatShield and WeatherTech are made from high-quality materials that can withstand the elements of building quality. However, HeatShield is slightly more durable thanks to its thicker construction. As for size, both sun shades are large enough to cover the entire windshield of most cars (see also ‘Are Windshield Wipers Universal?‘).

Heat Protection

HeatShield offers better protection thanks to its reflective surface when it comes to heat protection. It can reflect up to 97% of the sun’s heat away from your car, keeping it cooler in hot weather conditions.

However, WeatherTech’s sunshade is also effective at blocking out light and reducing temperature extremes, but it doesn’t reflect heat as well as HeatShield.

Weather Preference

If you are concerned with milder winters, either sunshade will work well. However, if you live in a hotter climate, the HeatShield is the better choice, thanks to its reflective surface.

Best Use

Both sun shades are easy to use and can be installed in minutes. However, the HeatShield is easier to remove and reinstall, making it the better choice for those who like to take their sunshade with them when they travel.


As for price, the HeatShield is the more affordable option. A money-back satisfaction guarantee also backs it, so you can feel confident that you’re getting a quality product.

So, which sunshade is better: Heatshield or WeatherTech? If you’re looking for the best possible heat protection, the HeatShield is better. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use sunshade that’s more affordable, then WeatherTech is the better option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Weathertech Sun Shade Worth it?

Weathertech makes a sunshade for your car that fits most models and is easy to install. It is a great choice because it can prevent excessive heat from getting into your car. You can avoid spending too much on cooling your car in the summertime by purchasing a weather tech sunshade for your vehicle.

Are Weathertech sun shades made in the USA?

Yes, they design, engineer, and manufacture their products here in the United States. They produce world-class products with the best materials, cutting-edge technology, and skilled workers. The importance of these principles has never waned, and they are even more critical now than ever.

Do Windshield Sun Shades Actually work?

Yes, sun shades for windshields are effective in a variety of ways. It protects you from sunlight by blocking the sun’s rays from entering and warming your car. This means that your car stays cooler, and you stay cool while driving.

It keeps you cooler, but it also blocks damaging UV rays. This means that you won’t spend as much time in the sun, and the sun’s harmful rays won’t damage you.

The sun hits a car’s windows for over four hours per day. This can lead to several problems. Your car’s interior can reach temperatures as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to cook an egg!

Get one of these sun shades for your windshield and start protecting yourself from excessive heat and damaging UV rays

What Side of Sun Shade Faces Out?

The silver side of the sunshade faces out. The black side meets in the middle and must be cut to accommodate this. The silver side of the sunshade will provide maximum light protection and glare reduction, while the black side will do a better job of keeping light out but can’t reflect it. Common sense dictates that whichever color your car doesn’t come with will be the one that faces out.

Do Sunshades Work in Winter?

Many sunshades are marketed for use in winter, but does this make them effective? According to the American Academy of Dermatology, most people don’t need to wear sunglasses with the sun’s lower angle in winter and less UV radiation reaching the earth.

However, a few people will still want to wear them because of the aesthetic look.

But that doesn’t mean that the sunshades won’t work in winter. There are two common varieties: UV protection and aesthetic sunshades. UV protection is for those who need protection from the sun during the summer months when UV rays are strongest (it’s designed to protect them from sunburn). In contrast, aesthetic sunshades are designed with a matte finish that dampens and diffuse light reflecting off your face so that you can look more youthful.


Hopefully, you got the points regarding the debate- Heatshield Vs WeatherTech. The heatShield is the better choice if you’re looking for an effective way to keep your car cool in hot weather conditions (see also ‘How To Remove AC Refrigerant In Car‘). HeatShield sunshade is durable and lightweight aluminum that protects against extreme heat, cold, and UV sunlight. It’s also a good option if you want to reduce your gas consumption.

On the other side, if you’re only concerned with blocking out light, then WeatherTech may be better. HeatShield offers more benefits and is a more versatile product, making it the better choice overall.

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