Are Power Stop Brakes Good?

Are Power Stop Brakes Good

Not exactly a controversial opinion here, but we believe that if there’s anything worth upgrading on your car when it comes to driver and passenger safety, it has to be the brakes.

But before you part with your hard-earned catch on a new upgrade, it makes sense to read reviews like this one, that get down to the nitty-gritty details, and help you decide what brands to go with.

This article is going to cover everything you need to know about Power Stop brakes, and answer all your most frequently asked questions along the way. Here goes!

What Exactly Are Power Stop Brakes?

Power Stop brakes are specially designed with a patented carbon-fiber ceramic formula.

And the result is that with this upgrade, you will be able to stop your vehicle more safely.

Breaking it down, this is because the carbon-fiber ceramic formula serves to reduce the amount of dust on the brakes, which reduces the friction, resulting in a better look and less noise. 

What Kind Of Features Do Power Stop Brakes Have?

For the purposes of this article, I’m going to concentrate on the kit that I used myself, which is the Power Stop K2164-36 Front & Rear Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Kit.


The brakes perform incredibly well – you get better brake power without sacrificing everyday drivability, even when towing.

And it also remains completely free of nasty brake dust, which means that your braking is noise-free for a better driving experience.


Power Stop brakes are of the highest quality. There’s the ceramic formula, which is reinforced with carbon fibers for strength.

And there’s silver zinc dichromate plating is applied to all the rotors, which not only look great behind your wheels, but also help to prevent rust and corrosion.

Easy Installation

When you unbox a Power Stop brake kit, you will find that it includes everything you need for their installation.

This includes not only rotors, calipers and pads, but also all the other hardware you will need for the installation as well.

If you don’t feel confident enough to install them yourself, you can pay a professional to do it for you. You can find someone to install your Power Stop brakes on the manufacturer’s website.

However, it’s perfectly legal to install the brakes yourself. What’s more, it’s pretty easy to do too, and full instructions are provided in the box when it arrives.

These instructions are straightforward, clear, and easy to understand and follow.


Power Stop brakes come backed by a decent warranty, lasting whichever comes first, 2 years after the purchase date or 24,000 miles on the clock.


Incidentally, Power Stop Brakes don’t come with a money-back guarantee, but they do come with 60-day hassle-free returns.

So if you decide you’re not entirely happy with your purchase during this period, you can have a new one sent out to you free of charge

Power Stop Brake Pad Compatibility

Another great thing about Power Stop brakes is their wide compatibility.

According to the Power Stop website, they’re compatible with a whopping 98% of the cars (and trucks) on the road, including European vehicles.

But, it’s not a one-size fits all deal. There are different brake pad kits available for different makes and models of cars.

To identify which Power Stop brake pads kit you would need for your particular vehicle, you can head over to the Power Stop website and enter your car details for the perfect match. 

Alternatively, Amazon and Walmart also offer this function on their websites as well.

My Experience With Power Stop Brakes

I was really pleased with how well the brakes worked, how shiny they looked, even after considerable use, and especially with how quiet they were.

I considered it good value for money, especially since I managed to catch one of Amazon’s occasional deals.

Are Power Stop Brakes Good Value For Money?

Are Power Stop Brakes Good

If you’ve been paying attention, you will have noticed that Power Stop Brakes aren’t one size fits all, but are specifically designed for particular makes and models of cars.

And for this reason, among others, they can really vary in price. At the lower end of the spectrum, you can expect to pay circa $100.

However, at the higher end, some kits can go for as much as a whopping $1,800.

And I guess many people would argue that you can’t put a price on safety, but there’s also an argument for not paying over $1000 for new brake pads when you can get them much cheaper.

But what we certainly can say is that Power Stop brakes are of excellent quality, and that whether you would consider them to be good value for money would depend on what kind of budget you have for your upgrades.

And you will have to consider the price for kits for your particular vehicle, as this can vary. Incidentally, you don’t have to buy the front and the rear brakes together if you don’t need to, just buy what you need.

Summary Of Power Stop Brakes Pros And Cons


  • Better braking performance and lower noise
  • They look stunning thanks to the low-dust formula
  • You can get a complete kit and install it easily
  • They come backed by a decent 2-year warranty
  • There are glowing testimonials and customer reviews both on the manufacturer website and elsewhere on the net, including websites for the leading online retailers


Where Can You Buy Power Stop Brakes?

Luckily, Power Stop brakes are easy to get hold of, so you have a choice of which retailer to go with.

And if you want to buy them online, the biggest online retailers tend to stock a range of different Power Stop brakes and entire Power Stop brake kits to install them.

Here are some handy links for you:

Both of these retailers allow you to search for the right parts for your particular vehicle.

Bottom Line

So, to sum up, yes. Power Stop brakes are good, and I would certainly recommend them if you have the budget for them.

Dave Oliver

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