What Are Coaxial Speakers?

What Are Coaxial Speakers

When it comes to the most popular speakers for use in cars, coaxial are one of the more common choices. But what exactly is a coaxial speaker, and how does it work?

In this article, we are going to be diving into the ins and outs of the coaxial speaker to help you both understand the speaker more and be able to pick the right one for you. Let’s get started. 

What Are Coaxial Speakers?

Coaxial speakers (see also ‘How To Tell If Speakers Are Blown‘) are a certain kind of two-way speakers, designed to replace single cone speakers and take up less space whilst doing so. 

These kinds of speakers are more advanced than single cone speakers, as they include crossovers for improved sound and well as a tweeter.

Not only do they offer an improved quality of sound, coaxial speakers also save space, which is why they are such a popular choice for car stereo speakers. 

The construction of the coaxial speaker features two separate speakers, those being the tweeter and the woofer.

The tweeter manages high frequency sounds, whilst the woofer works with the mid to low frequencies. 

This construct is what allows for better audio quality, particularly in comparison to a regular single cone speaker (see also ‘How To Fix A Blown Speaker‘). 

As well as offering better sound quality, the construction of coaxial speakers is also particularly useful as a car speaker as everything can be found in one place.

This saves space, offering more options in terms of installation. 

The Meaning of Coaxial Speakers

So why are these particular speakers called coaxial? Well, these two-way speakers sit on the same “axis” essentially.

In other words, they are constructed together with the same assembly, and so they share an “axis.”

What Are The Benefits of a Coaxial Speaker?

There are various advantages to be had with this kind of speaker, so let’s take a look at a few of these benefits.

  • Common: Coaxial speakers are very easy to find due to being such a popular choice of car speaker- and speaker in general-, so you won’t have any difficulties locating one whilst shopping.
  • Upgraded Sound: They are also handy speakers to implement if you are thinking of upgrading any single cone speakers that you might have in your car.

    The sound quality is far superior to a single cone, making for a simple yet highly effective replacement. 
  • Affordable: Good quality coaxial speakers can be purchased for around $25 and over per pair. This will vary depending on the brand, the quality, and the size, but considering the improvement that they have over single cone speakers, the price is very reasonable.

    They are pretty much mid-range, being a little more expensive than single-cone speakers, but cheaper than some of the more enhanced component speakers.

    Their price acts a well-balanced compromise between performance and ease of use.
  • Options: You get more options when it comes to a coaxial speaker, as there are a range of manufacturing choices, price ranges, crossover designs etc. to be had. 

What To Look For in A Coaxial Speaker?

What To Look For in A Coaxial Speaker

It can be tricky choosing a coaxial speaker for your car if you aren’t that well-versed in speakers as a whole, so with that in mind, we are going to be running through some of the key features to keep an eye on when it comes to purchasing a coaxial speaker.

Extended Tweeters

Though these are rare, there are particular coaxial speakers that have tweeters with a certain, extended shape.

These kinds of tweeters are not suitable for use in cars, as they tend to jut out vertically.

This means that speaker grills cannot be installed over the top of them, so you won’t be able to use them in your car. 

To avoid this issue, thoroughly check your current speakers to see if they would be able to accommodate taller speakers. 

Response Range Frequency

This refers to the nature of the response range of your speakers, with a broader response range leading to more sound emitted. 

When it comes to coaxial speakers, those with a wider response range are able to produce low and high frequency sounds.

This guarantees much richer and multi layered playback in terms of general sound quality. 

On the other hand, a coaxial speaker with a narrower response range frequency will not put out these highest and lowest sound frequencies, ultimately flattening the sound output. 

Depth of Mounting

When we discuss the mounting depth of a speaker, we are referring to the installation process.

As is to be expected, the easier the process of installation, the better your general experience will be!

When searching for the right coaxial speakers, be mindful of the size.

Much like when you check to ensure that your car is able to accommodate a taller tweeter, you will want to make sure that the general size is also suitable to make for an easier time with the installation. 

You might find that the shape or the mounting depth of the speaker that you are considering doesn’t match up with what you have in your car if you don’t prepare beforehand, which is not only irritating but can also be a particularly costly mistake!

Final Thoughts

There is a reason that coaxial speakers are so commonly found in vehicles as well as in professional audio systems and home stereo speakers.

They are simply one of the better choices, and this is certainly the case when it comes to your car stereo.

Hopefully, our article has given you a fair amount of useful information on coaxial speakers and has also helped you on your way to pinpointing the features that you need to consider when it comes to choosing the right kind of coaxial speaker for your vehicle.

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