ABRP Vs Tesla Navigation- Who Wins The Routing Battle?

Does Tesla have navigation? Tesla does have a super-efficient navigation system providing you with better route planning. You will find standard navigation features in all the Tesla cars. However, we will mainly discuss the ABRP and Tesla navigation differences.

However, there are many crucial factors we have to consider regarding  ABRP vs Tesla navigation. Once you get to know the differences they have, you will be able to choose what navigation to use with your car.

So, let’s take the discussion to the next level, where you will find side-by-side comparisons between these two navigational route planners’ apps.

ABRP Vs Tesla Navigation

Key DifferencesABRP Tesla
Navigation SystemHas a Pretty comfortable navigation process.Easy navigation system.
Ease Of UseBetter customizabilityGood usability.
Best ApplicationAppropriate for a fast road trip.Good for a shortened road trip.
AccuracyBest accuracyLess accuracy compared to the ABRP.

Once you look at the above table, you will get some ideas about Tesla navigation and route planner ABRP. However, it needs further discussion to make the topic easier for you.

So, we will explain the differences shown in the above table more in-depth. Besides, there are some similarities among these route planner navigation systems, and we will also present those below. 

Navigation System Comparison of ABRP and Tesla Navigation

Both these modern route planner types come with different navigation systems. If you own a Tesla car, you must get a built-in Tesla navigation system that you should use. You will have a pretty easy and user-friendly navigation process in the Tesla built-in navigation.

You have to enable automatic navigation to let the device know some of the data with simple touching. You will also be able to customize the trip planner quite easily.

The navigation process of the ABRP may seem a bit confusing to you if you are a new Tesla driver or owner. But, once you become used to A Better Route Planner (ABRP), you will find a lot of ease while planning the trip.

Ease of Usage Difference between ABRP and Tesla Navigation

You may never want to feel confused with your route planner while driving. So, you should buy the best one that ensures ease of use. However, with the ABRP, you will have better-customizing options compared to the Tesla Navigation.

Besides, the ABRO premium also ensures better data access, providing you with a more excellent driving experience. The ABRP will be a better choice if you need too many waypoints. It is also available in android auto.

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On the other hand, the tesla navigation is also easy to use. As this is an in-built trip planner, you will get some additional benefits. Therefore, you will be able to make better trip planning though you may not consider cold and wind conditions. You can access remote navigation with Tesla.

Best Application Differences between ABRP and Tesla Navigation

We have seen users sharing their different thoughts regarding the application of these two route navigation planners. With the ABRP, you have to spend less time on the charging spots.

However, on the contrary, you have to wait a comparatively more extended period at the charging points with Tesla navigation. This means if you want to drive on a comparatively fast road trip, it’ll be better to go with the ABRP.

The ABRP and Tesla Navigation Accuracy Differences

Accuracy is essential when you tend to drive according to the navigation. However, both these route planners ensure higher accuracy. But if you ask for a bit of comparison, the ABRP will beat the tesla navigation by a small margin.

The reason is that ABRP usually takes some of the additional variables that make the device more accurate while manipulating data. Tesla navigation mainly provides the future battery uses for a particular trip by ensuring important battery consumption accuracy.

However, the accuracy difference maybe 2-3% overall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Tesla Have A Trip Planner?

Tesla has a trip planner of its own. Tesla navigation is a built-in trip planner for Tesla that comes with high exciting features. It provides you with the best route plan by presenting valuable data based on your location and driving. You just have to enter your location, and car model number and the tesla navigation app will show the route plan.

Is Tesla Navigation Free?

You will get the standard connectivity on Tesla without any cost. But, if you tend to move forward to more advanced navigation, you have to buy premium connectivity. You will somehow get to access the most prominent features over WiFi like the basic map: navigation and stuff with the help of free or standard navigation.

Do All Teslas Have Navigation?

All the teslas will provide you with the standard navigation features. Standard navigation features in all the Tesla cars make the brand even more established. But if you look for the premium or more advanced navigation, you have to go with the premium subscription. However, Tesla provides a fantastic navigation system in all cars.

Is Tesla Navigation Good?

Tesla’s navigation system is super good as it provides you with valuable information about driving and the route. You will possibly get up to date with the help of the Tesla navigation system. It accurately lets you know battery capacities, provides indications for supercharging and shows real-time activities by considering many of your driving data.

Does Tesla Navigation Avoid Traffic?

Tesla navigation will show you the real-time traffic condition and analyze the route. It is also considered traffic-based navigation, where Tesla navigation lets drivers know estimated travel time. Therefore, this is one of the key features of Tesla navigation. Tesla navigation system collects data location and speed of your vehicle to determine traffic conditions.

How Do You Use the ABRP on a Tesla Screen?

Using ABRP ( A Better Route Planner) on the Tesla screen is possible by performing some steps. You have to use your Tesla navigation log-in information while logging into the ABRP with the Tesla browser on the Tesla screen at first. Therefore, you can make a plan for your trip. Let the ABRP know your vehicle model, position, and desired location to start your journey.

Does ABRP work on Android Auto?

ABRP does work in android auto. What you just have to do here is, download the ABRP beta version from the android app store to start the proceeding. Once you connect ABRP with the android auto, you can also see your Android phone navigation.

What Should Be Your Pick?

It’s time to wrap up our discussion about ABRP Vs Tesla navigation. We hope you have got enough information to choose the best route planner for you. There are some pros and cons with both the navigation systems, and we mentioned these above.

If you don’t want a more extended stop of your car for supercharging, going with the ABRP will be a better decision.

On the other hand, it will be better to go with the Tesla navigation if you don’t prefer frequent stops in your car. So, what should you pick after this blog now?

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