Weathertech Tonneau Cover Vs Bakflip | Which One You Should Pick?

When it comes to the full coverage of your dearer truck bed, nothing can beat a robust tonneau cover. And recently, Weathertech has stepped with some blast of features that are unwillingly grabbing the attention.

No doubt, the Bakfliptonneau cover gives total protection with outstanding design variation. At the same, Weathertech is also featuring almost the same.

So, what’s the difference between Weathertech and Bakfliptonneau cover? Weathertechtonneau offers quite a variety of truck cover ranges at affordable prices, whereas Bakflip is always a step ahead with advanced beneficial features with higher-end pricing 

You see, the BakflipG2truck tonneau cover is extremely tough built with scratch& UV resistance. Then, why have a look at Weathertech? You might be thinking now! Then, get ready to dive into the head-to-head comparison we have covered here with the disclosure you might not know.

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  • Easy installation clamps
  • Strictly complete protection against rain, snow, and theft
  • Lightweight featuring heavy-duty durability

Basic Comparison of Weathertech Tonneau Cover Vs Bakflip

Weathertech Tonneau Cover

Bakflip Tonneau Cover

Cover Type
Two types: Alloy cover and Roll-up cover Three types: Hard folding, Hard rolling, and Retractable
Cover Material
Reinforced Vinyl, tri-fold solid cover (vary on model) Standard Aluminum, Premium FRP(Vary on model)
UV Resistant
No Yes
Installation Type
Straightforward, but the given instructions are confusing. Easy to do and understand
Compatible with Ladder Rack
Yes No
Affordable (depends on model)  Costly(Vary on model)

Let’s have a look for the best recommendation of Weathertechtonneau cover and Bakflip for finding out your best pick

Cover Type of Both Brands

Both the Weathertech and Bakflip cover come in various types. Weathertech products have two types of cover, which are alloy cover and roll-up cover. Again, the Bakfliptonneau cover comes in three types. These are hard folding, hard rolling, and retractable. Both alloy cover and roll-up cover ensure your utensil’s safety. But you cannot deny the hard rolling cover types.

Bakfliptonneau cover is best because of its hard folding materials consisting of drainage systems. It helps to throw away the water from the cover and your truck bed with a plastic tube that is most important during the rainy season.

Cover Materials of Both Brands

Both brands cover materials have won their user’s hearts for their smooth bed covers. Both brands have to beard the fame of super materials making a sleek look, aerodynamics, and long-lasting durability. Weathertech has offered the best double-coated aluminium finished for its superb visibility and covered the things into the truck.

Another side, the Bakfliptonneau cover has an excellent functional smoothness that can quickly spread out on the truck’s surface. Bakflip has double prosperity over the cover materials rather than Weathertech. Some Bakflip models have made of a premium matte finish to ensure lightweight and heavy durability.

Water-Resistance of Bakflip & Weathertech

Both brands have covered the task of water-resistance while you are carrying the utensils with you on the truck. Water-resistance is a common feature that helps to keep a tight barrier between cover and truck.

But Bakflip has less consistency for through the water out. For example, Weathertech roll up truck bed cover with renowned water-resistance power to give you many more benefits than Bakflip.

UV Resistance of Both Brands

It is disappointing that most of the Weathertechtonneau cover hasn’t a UV-resistance characteristic. But Bakflip has added these features to give its user a better profit and support on their traveling and trips. Most of the Bakfliptonneau cover keeps your baggage away from dirt, junks, theft, and Sunny UV rays.

BakflipFibreMax 1126310 hard fold truck bed cover is making of UV-resistance materials for long-lasting, durable use.

Installation Systems

Both brands have an ultimate installation system that you can quickly install at once. Most of the Weathertechtonneau cover has a standard installation without using any drill. But the installation instructions get confusing to its user sometimes.

The structure is very easy for weather tech tonneau cover as it having a tight-bite clamp system. It is easy to open, and with the help of XT-dials, that provides easy control.

Again, the Bakfliptonneau cover has raised its victory over weather tech for its simple installation that wins its user’s heart. Some of the Bakflip have a dual-action tailgate seal and a bolt-clamp installation.

Most of the Bakflip cover models have a tailgate seal that allows for shut the body easily open and close. Also, having a bolt-clamp that can easily install for an hour with a wrench and socket set.

Security Ignition

Both weather tech and Bakflip have an equal security system for getting you a better supplement. Weathertech has a reinforced coated vinyl hinge; the storage clip holds the hard truck bed cover security to ensure your innovative security.

Weathertech consists of a rigid standoff with rubber pads that can correctly space out the folding panels and protect from shakedown of driving. It also has strong constructed panels (see also ‘What Is A Rocker Panel?‘).

Another side Bakflip has well-constructed installation parts and parcels rather than weather tech. Some Bakflip model includes a convenient big canister that pulls the release cable beside the bed’s driver or passenger side. The cover is situated underneath the rear of the body. And it cannot open for the support of cover and tailgate.

Final Verdict

Weathertechtonneau cover vs Bakflip is a complicated task for specifying the better pick for you. But the above conversation, Bakflip has got the ultimate vinyl coated or powder-coated black matte finish. Again, Bakflip has come out with three cover types, including various models.

Maximum ultimate versions of Bakflip have aluminium or premium FRP and a pure leather finish to ensure your better services. The Bakfliptonneau cover should be your first choice for its fame and availability regarding all of the benefits.

Again, weather tech also provides you the better security and services. Still, sometimes it was unavailable on the ranks of Bakflip. However, weather tech has a quality reputation. If you want to upgrade your truck in a month or so, the weather tech might fit in the bill. Weathertechtonneau cover should be the right choice if you belong to a rough weather country. It was too sleek and waterproof with extreme leakage-proof functions.

But in our opinion, Bakflip has an ultimate version of tonneau cover sites for its supreme models and interior designs. Bakflip gives you both comfortable safety and security at the average rate of Weathertech.

In the debate of Bakflip and Weathertech, both have extravagant features that can shut down your decision. But you didn’t need to worry because most of the Bakfliptonneau cover has made providing its user with a better advantage.

Both brands’ pricing is equally beating each other on the marketplaces. It varies in their models’ features. The more expensive material they include on their cover, the more the expenses increase. We took the time and do deep research on these matters to find out the best one for you.

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