Mid Travel Vs Long Travel – Choose the Most Suitable Suspension Kit

mid travel vs long travel suspension

Are you thinking about upgrading your suspension and wishing to buy a new one? If yes, then one question might bother you about the difference in mid travel vs long travel suspension.

The travel suspension system is the most vital thing if you travel off-road. The term-travel defines the amount of movement a suspension arm allows up to. So, you must know which one will be better for your ride.

However, this article will give you a clear idea of why and which travel suspension you should choose for your car.

Comparison Between Mid Travel Vs Long Travel

Have a look at the comparison table for the key differences between mid travel and long travel suspension.

Mid Travel

Long Travel


9-12 inches (smaller)

12-18 inch (larger)

Control Arms

UpperControl Arms only

Both Upper & lower control arm





Less expensive





Differences in the Control Arms of both Suspensions

Having proper control over the arms of your car arms is an essential thing while driving on rough or off-road. In that case, suspension travel plays a vital role by providing you the best arms control in your car.

For getting the best control, you should choose the most suitable suspension for you. If you travel less rough riding, or both the smooth and rough road, a mid-travel suspension system can be convenient. And it includes an ideal front upper control arm.

For a straightforward upgrade, the DLZ Suspension Kit mid-travel suspension set comes with the complete kit compatible with the Ford Expedition. However, riding quality defines what should be your choice.

On the other hand, long travel is the best suspension for those who often drive off-road and goes for rock crawling. It gives you the fastest speed along with the best control with both the upper and lower arm.

DLZ Suspension Kit– Strict Quality Suspension for the Explorer Ranger

This Mid travel suspension kit provides strict quality control, complete fitment, and a Strong Control Arm with extra material. Being anti-rust and easy to install makes it more reliable.

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Articulation Dissimilarity of Mid Travel and Long Travel

Articulation is a very crucial thing for the extreme level of off-road riders. It provides stability and helps you drive on uneven roads safely—that’s why you should pick a suspension for your car, which offers the best articulation.

Long travel suspension is one of the best suspensions in providing proper articulation for your car. It gives you stability and helps to overcome an obstacle in aggressive rides.

Mid travel suspension is also the most reasonable alternative to a long travel suspension kit. You can upgrade your car’s suspension to mid-travel suspension if your concern is the budget.

In this continuation, Wulf 3.5” leveling lift suspension for the Toyota Tacomamodel provides the best performance among the mid-travel suspension parts.

Along with being budget-friendly, a mid-travel kit can provide you a proper articulation and bump-free handling while driving off-road.

PartsWarehouse Suspension Kit– 10 Pc Suspension Kits with Pre-Assembled Ball Joints

With this suspension kit, you get a Full metal stud that provides 360° of smooth rotational movement for more responsive steering and Strong Engineered steel composition along with the best compatibility.

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Size of Both Mid Travel and Long Travel

There are a variety of sizes available in suspension travel kits. It is essential to find the right size for you that fits your car and compatible with driving off-road.

Most people prefer the long-travel suspension kit for the extremely rough roads. This suspension kit comes from around 10 to 18 inches, which gives you the most compressing travel of the control arms and A-arms for better steering.

The mid-travel suspension kit is about 9 to 10 inches and very sufficient for those who travel mild off-road. You can pick DLZ 10 pcs suspension if you have to travel both even and uneven roads.

Though mid-travel suspension does not come with the lower control arms, it provides its best within a great price value.

Rough Country 4’’ Adjustable Suspension– Extreme Long Travel Arm with Optimum Alignment

It comes with the long X-Flex control arms providing complete handling and a smooth off-road journey. This long arm suspension is the perfect suspension for Jeep Wranglers TJ to make a bumpy ride to the comfortable one.

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Ease of Installation for Mid Travel &. Long Travel

Unlike many other parts, the installation of suspension kits is time-consuming indeed. But the more perfect the installation is, the more comfortable and safe it will be to control.

When it comes to mid-travel suspension installation, it is not so troublesome. The control arms with tie rods and ball joints make the quality mid-travel kit.

There are different models and brands are available. Oh, for your easy-going, you can try the PartsW premium quality Suspension kit.

Long travel suspension is also easy to install. You just have to install both the upper and lower control arm for this one. It can be a little time-consuming but end of the day; you get a complete compression of the A-Arms with a smooth off-road ride.

Skyjacker Front & Rear Suspension Lift-LT Suspension Lift with Improved Handling

For those who want a complete suspension lift for both front and rear, Skyjacker meets your demand with perfect ride height and ground clearance. This long travel kit is compatible with both the 4WD and 2WD wheel control.

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Performance Variation Between Mid travel and Long Travel

A mid-travel kit is much more affordable than a long-travel. With the mid-travel kit, you might not get the best out of your car but have the average for off-road rides.

Mid travel suspension will provide the average mileage output, whereas the long-travel suspension will give the best. By the way, if you can get a complete long-travel suspension that Detroit Axle offers will meet your car’s long riding need.

Long-travel suspension systems provide the best performance from your suspension shocks and tie rods. However, if you can have both the front and rear upgrade, you can enjoy excellent ground clearance.

Unlike mid-travel kit, LT suspension gives the complete uneven ride for your favorite buggies and off-road runners.

If you’re a serious off-roader who wants the best aftermarket suspension upgrade, customize your suspension parts with your riding demand as most professionals like to.

Parts Warehouse 16 Pc Kit– Contamination-Free Durable LT Suspension

Another complete suspension kit is here for the Magnum and Chrysler. The best part is the control arms here come pre-assembled with the ball joints. And all the parts here included providing outstanding performance in the extreme ride.

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What Should Be Your Final Choice

After this detailed comparison, you might have chosen your suspension kit already. If not, you still have time to think which suspension will be more suitable between mid travel vs long travel for your car. But make sure to choose the right brand and accurately compatible with your vehicle.

For a rough rider or an aggressive rock crawler, you should pick a long-travel suspension kit for your vehicle’s superior performance. Though it’s expensive, it can give a smooth ride along with proper steering and articulation.

But in case of budget and good suspension, you can go with a mid-travel suspension kit. This is the best alternative for your buggies or others at a reasonable cost.

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