Magnaflow Vs Flowmaster Drone – Louder Exhaust Or Milder?

Who wins the debate of Magnaflow vs Flowmaster drone while some like the aggressive droning exhaust and some don’t?

While comparing the Magnaflow’sno drone technology with the Flowmaster’slouder drone, there still remains residue for the high-end construction design of both brands’ exhaust mufflers.

So,what is the difference between Magnaflow and Flowmaster drone muffler? Some of the Flowmaster exhaust systems come with an aggressive, louder sound. Then again, some of Magnaflow’s muffler design features quality construction. But when you need to pick the one, you must listen to your preference first, not others.

By the way, Flowmaster 40 series drone muffler is grabbing attention for its aggressive sound with deep resonance. Magnaflow is not lagging behind also. Let’s have a one on one battle between these two and grab the one that just hit your choice.

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  • Milder resonance keeps a perfect balance

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Exhaust Muffler Magnaflow Vs Flowmaster Drone Comparison

Key PointsMagnaflow Droning Muffler
Flowmaster Droning Muffler
Exhaust MaterialStainless steel most in the Magnaflow exhausts make durable and rust-free.Aluminum stuff used here in Flowmaster exhausts
DroningWith/no droning depending on the mufflersDrones less or more
Sound TypeDeep bass soundCracky sound, but upgraded series are better.
Sound QualityBetter refined soundLoudest sound
Price PointAverage price rangeComparatively low price

Without knowing the features of these two exhausts, you can’t be sure of the drone. We showcase all the must-know features side by side and shout out the complete comparison for the best drone by Flowmasteror no drone technology by Magnaflow. And you can realize how they differ.

Our Official Video On Exhaust Muffler Magnaflow Vs Flowmaster Drone

Flowmaster Drone Vs Magnaflow NDT– From the Muffler Basic

The first things first come for the Flowmaster drone. Flowmaster’s dual-chamber muffler with the Mustang likely to have a perfect combination on the longer trek. And thinking about the noise cancelation of the exhaust systems, Flowmaster developed their first original exhaust muffler with a single deflector that deflects the noise frequency.

But things could not be up to the mark, and the necessity of more aggressive with refined sound arises. And from the early80s, Flowmaster introduced two milestone exhaust mufflers-one with a dual-chamber design that drones and the other are a three-chamber designed muffler that is drone-free.

However, Magnaflow is not lagged. Thinking about the riding performances and road manners when the question comes to the front for Magnaflow drone problems on the highways. Then, Magnaflow launched their new NDT (No Drone Technology) module exhaust mufflers, especially for the overlanders.

In Magnaflow’sNDT muffler, there is a resonator canceling the quarter-wave.And you get no drone sound. This works even if regular commuting to going long off-road trips.

***Best Pick for Drone: Flowmaster 50 Series Delta Flow- Moderate Muffler with Milder Resonator

It comes with multiple chambers resulting in a milder sound. And the resonator works efficiently, offering more refined droning and improving the engine and torque performance.

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Magnaflow Vs Flowmaster Sound Comparison

Both Flowmaster and Magnaflow drones. So, here you can’t precisely compare Flowmaster drone Vs Magnaflow no drone. Instead, you can check out the drone quality of the two exhausts (see also ‘What Is Exhaust Drone?‘).

For the single to multiple chamber mufflers, Flowmaster wins over the droning from deep to milder. The 40 series Flowmaster muffler used to be focused on only the street sound. Later the multi-chamber mufflers known 50 series are proved to be quite ideal for the long trip on highways and treks. Moving on to the Flowmaster exhaust system, that sounds quite cracky but deep to milder depending on the muffler type.

Moving on to the Magnaflow exhaust sound. Generally, Magnaflow exhaust sounds deep. However, it has 3 basic types of mufflers-Chambered, Glasspack, and Straight-through type. These three types feature various sound quality and applicable for different rides.

The Chambered type mufflers give the exact sound that you demand doing muffler tuning. The Classic muscle cars’ functions are much suitable to this muffler. Here the sound is reflected and bounced inside the mufflers’ chambers and offersa more resonant sound.

Secondly, the Glasspack mufflers give you the loudest sound ever. The fiberglass here wrapped around the muffler helps to absorb the sound energy created from the exhaust sound. The sound is not very invasive but specific, no doubt.

Thirdly, the Straight through mufflers, where you find the combination of Glasspack and the chambered type. Here, you get deep, bass, and aggressive sound. And here, the Magnaflow drone gets higher with the increasing rpm. An additional benefit you get here is the soft milder sound at engine idling but louder aggressive at the openthrottle.

***Our Best Pick: Magnaflow Exhaust Muffler- With Signature Deep Tone

It gives a deep, refined sound but not the loudest tone. From Toyota cars to Chevy trucks, it satisfies precisely with its sound quality and the stainless steel material. For years, it can serve you with the sound tone you are looking for.

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Magnaflow Vs Flowmaster Exhaust Difference

While coming onto the exhaust system- both Magnaflow and Flowmaster exhausts offer quite good quality exhaust systems.

Most Flowmaster uses Aluminum material with polished steel tips some times. The earlier exhausts did not seem to come with stainless steel and tend to be rusted over the years. In recent,Flowmaster also comes with stainless steel material with finely exterior polishing paint that gives you a long time service with proper sound.

On the other hand, the Magnaflow exhaust systems are made of high-quality stainless steel from the start. And that might add more bucks than the Flowmaster. However, Magnaflow exhausts seem to be rust-free for a longer period and tend to be lighter in weight also.

***Best Recommended: MagnaflowAxle-Back Exhaust- Street Series Exhaust with Signature Sound

It uses high-quality stainless steel for better durability and ensures longevity. The refined sound quality that is Magnaflow’s signature deep tone pleases the ride with everymileage increase.

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Flowmaster Vs Magnaflow Catalytic Converter Comparison

One of the crucial things that people likely ignore is the catalytic converter, which also impacts the droning sound. A good catalytic converter helps to clean out the exhaust gases inside and, at the same time, dampens the noise. So, when you’re looking for a milder drone to no drone, the catalytic converter has some job to do.

Both Flowmasterand Magnaflow has a specific catalytic converter (see also ‘How Long Do Catalytic Converters Last?‘) to offer you your satisfying drone sound. Now, either you want to make your neighbor know about your ride or not, it’s up to you. However, the Flowmaster’s catalytic converter comes with an inline resonator with a min to max 2.0” and 3.0” inlet and outlet.

On the contrary, the Magnaflow’s converter gives you some bigger inlet and outlet diameter- min 2.0” to max 4” as well.

***Best Recommended Converter: Flowmaster Catalytic Converter- Quality Built with Ideal Sound Tone

The stainless steel material keeps it rust-free and durable for a longer time. 2.5” pipe needs no cutting or expansion during installation. So, you can easily install it and enjoy your rides with the desired tone.

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Flowmaster Vs Magnaflow Drone Muffler Price Difference

Both Magnaflow and Flowmaster come with the quality exhaust muffler, but there is an argument in pricing.

Though Flowmaster drones more or less with its multiple chambers designed mufflers,Magnaflow offers some no droning dampers specified for muscle car application purposes. Flowmaster pleases them who want the loudest sound. Magnaflow can opt for various categories depending on your vehicle and ride quality.

In performance and quality, Magnaflow drone and exhausts cost you more than the Flowmaster for some of its loudest Glasspack to no drone mufflers. However, Flowmaster’s 40 series mufflers can give a specific tune out drone within an affordable price range for the highway rides, especially.

***Best Pick for Flowmaster 40 Series- Ideal for Both On & Off-Road Trip

Suppose you often go highways or off-road to Overlanding. In that case, this muffler can assist with an aggressive sound and remarkable resonance inside. However, the MIG welding technology here ensuresa long time of durability.

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Final Thoughts

So, which exhaust muffler from Magnaflow vs Flowmaster drone do you want to have? After the above comparison, we hope you understood the two muffler’s functions and exhaust drone.

It comes down to this. The Flowmaster’s 10 series mufflers drone more, whereas the 40 or 50 series likely no drone. On the contrary, Magnaflow muffler’s drone at a higher speed, except Magnaflow’s new NDT (No Drone Technology) invention.

Magnaflow also comes at a higher price range than the Flowmaster. So, what you wish to have in your car or truck, make your choice now.

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