Win Over the Ultimate Clash On Flareside Vs Styleside Style Truck Bed

All the year models of Ford truck bed styles feature 2 styles called Flareside and Styleside type. And so, you must have an explicit idea of what type your truck has before getting a truck bed mat.

So, what is the difference between Flareside and Styleside? Well, we can differentiate based on the position of the fenders. In Flareside style truck bed, you will see flared fenders on the outside, and in the Styleside, the fenders are inside.

Is that only you need to know before getting one? Obviously not. Get a sip of the detailed comparison to make sure you don’t miss an essential point. In this article, we have umpired head-to-head battle on the two truck bed styles. Check this out to swallow the exact.

Comparing Flareside Vs Styleside Truck Bed



Smaller and narrow design Wider with more room than the flareside
Fender Position
On the outside Inside the truck bed
Truck Bed Style
Box-shaped narrowing the truck bed space Flat sided bed flush to the sides
Truck Bed Look
A hump-like fender coming Gout gives a much stylish and cool look Same as the traditional, unexciting fleet look
Bedside Design
Extended flared wheel with arched design on the exterior Flat boring arched area.
Truck Availability
04 to 08-year models truck mostly have the Flareside style truck bed. Some up to 09-year model trucks have the Styleside style truck bed.

Now check out the in-depth comparison with some sweet recommendations as well for your comfort.

Styleside Vs Flareside- Variance in the Names

The amazing fact to know that the Styleside is none other than another name of Fleetsidetype, revolutionized from Ford. Both of these beds feature the transitional bed design. Ford company starts to make pickups with Flareside, which is the same as the Stepside of GMC Sierra trucks. After today’s discussion, you will also have an idea of Flareside vs Stepside as well.

Well, the original Ford F-series truck started its journey in 1948 with a Flareside box style.Though now Slandered Styleside has replaced the popularity of Flaresidebed style truck design. However, in the Ford sports model, Flarestyleis saw. And so Flareside design is known as Sports Model whereas the Styleside is known as the Standard design as well.

So, the Flareside and Styleside can be said to be another name of the Stepside and Fleetside, respectively. However, there are slight ups and downs among them also. So, the battle does not end here.

Size Disparity of Stylesideand Flareside Style Truck Bed

The bigger difference comes in size available inside the truck bed. And the Flareside style truck bed features little space than the Styleside style truck bed.

Yes, the Flareside design truck bed has a narrow space inside. And folks who need to load and haul more may not find this suitable.

On the contrary, the Styleside or the standard Fleetside design truck offers 2 inches wider room than that of the Flareside style. That makes it lag behind in the case of available room size in the truck bed. That is why maybe the Tyger Auto Rollup Cover for the Styleside Bed never loses its popularity.

Appearance Difference of Flareside and Styleside

Ford manufacturers always redesign the models to satisfy their customers and keep their models as flexible as customers’ flexibility. Ford motors have provided Flareside and Styleside beds on its luxurious pickup trucks to meet customers’ needs.

The flareside bed features a camel hump-like wheel fender on the outside. This might bring a cool dashing look to the Flareside truck, but the space inside the truck bed has to sacrifice here. If you compare flareside vs Stepside, you will see the Chevy trucks have box-shaped inside that is not exactly the same as Flareside.

The style side is very attractive in design as the outside of the truck gives a sleek and smooth look. Though it consumes a bit of cargo space, you may get the Vekwena 5.6ft Styleside Truck Bed with Weather-Resistant material is the version when you need for the fascinated look pickup.

Flareside Vs Styleside Truck Bed Patterns

Ford named the general flat-sided bed Styleside. The outward design in the Styleside or Fleetside truck bed is flat no fenders or curved areas. Rather, it creates curved arches inside the truck bed wall that consumes more space. The standard Ford pickup boxes are referred to as Styleside.

Besides, in the

Flareside, the wheel arches are outside the bed and leave a perfectly rectangular space inside the box. Some models of flareside have lost areas for the design.

The 12 generationF150 and Super Duty models do not have this flareside bed, yet the style side comes with the unique clamping system. And a good example can be the  Xcover Low Profile Hard Folding Truck Bed Cover for Stylesidethat comes in 5.6 ft and 6.5 ft with theft protection technology added with 5 years of warranty.

Flareside & Styleside Style Availability

As we all know, the flaresideis a new name to the Stepside style. The industry’s early days were when the cargo area was built as a rectangular box placed between the rear wheels and arches. But those seem uncomfortable to some.

Besides, the Truxedo TruXport Tonneau truck bed cover for the FlaresideFord Renger model is more spacious, comfortable, and an updated design. The Styleside may give extra space for more loads, but the flareside comes with a cool look and appearance to the truck bed.

Ford F-150 models come with flareside design, and F-250 and F-350 models come with Styleside design. However, the Flareside style looks good on the 4×4 trucks contrarily the Styleside on 4×2 wheel trucks.

For those who want to come out of the boring flat-shaped truck bed and need something unique, the Flareside truck bed design can fulfill that of your dream.

Disparity Based On Fender Position

In Styleside, the fenders are inside the bed itself. This fender creates an arched shape on each side of the truckbed. This causes a narrower shape in the bed and prevents stacking long items. But it provides an overall wider area.

And in the flareside, fenders are outside the truck bed.  And it has ribbed steps made into the side of the bed between the cab and rear axle.

The first pickup trucks were with this model. Even the Bestop Fold Truck Tonneau Cover for 1993-2011 Ford Ranger gives exceptional flexibility to the Flareside style.

Price Gap Between Flareside & Styleside Style Truck Bed

Another considerable but not vital fact that separates the two-style truck beds is the price. The Flareside design, being attractive and cool, costs you more than the standard Styleside design truck bed.

However, this price is negotiable. Besides, both come with an affordable price range compatible with different Ford truck series. Some don’t find it fair to have less room but cost more and like to choose the Styleside over the Flareside. But that does not matter at all as the fascinating look of the Flareside style truck will fulfill the price.

Top 3 Picks for Flareside Style Truck

1. TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll-Up for 93-08 Ford Ranger– Low-Profile Designed Signature Cover

This is the number one best-selling cover in NorthAmerica. Lo pro comes with superior weather resistance even can take on a heavy snow load. It is backed by a lifetime no Hassel warranty too.

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2. DNA Motoring 6Ft Cover for 93-04 Ford Ranger– Soft Vinyl with Rubberized Edge

DNA Motoring tri-fold soft bed cover comes with an Aluminum frame and rubberized edge that seal the material from getting damaged. It comes with clamps for easy mounting.

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3. TruXedo TruXport 6’7’’ Soft Roll-Up Cover for 97-03 Ford– Full-Sized Standard Guard Design

This roll-up cover is a full-sized cover that fits the Ford Flarestyle truck. You can unlock tailgate latches and roll up your cover. Heavy-duty engineered cover has superior functionality. Also, it has a 1.5’’ frame design for an extra guard.

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Top 3 Picks for Styleside Style Truck

1. HAIHUA 5.5’’ Roll Up Truck Bed for 04-14 F-150– Sturdy & Tear-Resistant Bed

This truck bed fits on 04-14 Ford F-150 trucks.  Its velcro hook and loop system provides continuous contact between rails and cover that helps in an all-weather design.Also, it gives youa 3 years of warranty support.

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2.Tyger Auto T1 Roll-Up Cover for 15-21 F-150– Budget-Friendly BedCover

This cover is super easy to install, and the price is so reasonable also. It will take some minutes to install the cover and no need for any drilling. The Aluminum powder coating seems to work fine in all weather, rain, or sun.

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3. ZxZBLK Soft 6.5’ Roll-Up Cover for 15-21 F-150– Easily Installable Bed Cover

This 6.5 ft bed cover allows complete access to the truck bed. Besides, itis backed by 3 years of warranty with no drilling advantage. Also, its top-mount style helps in improved water run-off.

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What Should Be Your Final Pick?

It’s time to end this friendly battle for Flareside vs Styleside truck design and announce the winning pick.

In terms of appearance, you may choose a flareside, but you may not compromise with space, so it would be wise to go for the standard Styleside bed.

Though the flareside has cool curves, it can give that aggressive look. Whether the flareside costs more and carries less, the Styleside may be the best option for luxury, carry and cost.

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