Denso Vs Motorcraft Ignition Coil – Which One Should Be Your Pick?

Denso Vs Motorcraft Ignition Coil

Denso vs Motorcraft ignition coil, which one is the best? Both are branded and excellent and give their best performances. Each has its specific features and comparison that makes them different.

But you can’t test both. So to help you with this, we present an entire comparison of these two ignition coil brands. In this article, you will have the guidance that helps to pick the best one.

Let’s start.

Denso Vs Motorcraft Ignition Coil

Denso Ignition Coil

Motorcraft Ignition Coil

Temperature Support
High temperature Higher & lower temperature
Relatively larger Smaller
OE quality Aftermarket
Affordable Costlier
Top 3 picks
1. Denso 6731307 – Enjoy a smooth ride with great mileage

2.Denso 6731309 – Reliable and easy to install

3. Denso 6731201 – Having granted fitment and budget-friendliness

1. Motorcraft DG508 – Get a high-quality ignition coil with superb usability

2. Motorcraft DG511 – Best materials with long-lasting performance

3. Motorcraft DG 532 – Strong and durable

Magnetic System Dissimilarity Between Denso and Motorcraft

An improved magnetic system can generate the engine smoothly and also can save power (see also ‘What Does An Intercooler Do?‘). Help to provides maximum available voltage under all conditions. Sometimes the high temperatures can create a misfire in the cylinder, but this can prevent it.

People often buy an ignition coil by its power efficiency. Because it can generate a high voltage that can be faster than any other, a high voltage of power can make the engine more reliable.

Denso ignition coil has a primary coil that transforms electric energy into magnetic. A core act like a magnetic circuit that collects magnet energy so that a secondary coil can convert the magnetic stream to electrical high voltage energy.

If you find top quality, material rich, long-lasting ignition coil, Denso is a desirable coil. It has a significant boost in power and performance. The plus point is the size; its small size saves dead spaces and also easy to install.

On the other hand, the Motorcraft ignition coil doesn’t contain much magnetic power. But it has an electrical resistance that provides starting connections and can generate high voltage power.

Denso ignition coil has an improved magnetic system that helps to generate high voltage faster and saves energy. Motorcraft ignition coil generates power by its electrical energy.

Best Recommendation: Denso 673-1309 – Energy Saver with Denso’s Driving Circuit

It can be the Best pick for an ideal ignition coil for its advanced designed magnet.It saves energy, suppressing noise and eliminating misfire, perfectly compatible with the Camry V6 or Lexus RX.

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Both Denso And Motorcraft Have Multiple Coating Differences

When we buy some engine parts, we find a vital thing that doesn’t easily crack and long-lasting—however, some like multiple coating protective insulations. This can increase durability in extreme temperatures.

High-quality, durable steel can make a vital ignition coil that resists cracking and arching. It can take the load. This type of steel can deliver a powerful electronic charge for a reliable start-up.

Literally, the Motorcraft ignition coil is made of steel that gives a strong structure and protective shell. For this, it’s more reliable in higher and lower temperature; avoid cracking and keep running.

If you want a robust protective ignition coil, then Motorcraft is for you. Its RFI suppression keeps the electronic noise lower and gives you a smooth, peaceful ride. With its versatile size, it’s easy to fit in the engine.

The Denso ignition coil’s advanced design ensures its reliability at high temperatures and eliminates phantom misfire. So it works well at then but not at a lower temperature.

Best Recommendation: Motorcraft DG511– Greater Performance in Extreme Condition

Its high-quality steel structure avoids cracking and provides a smooth ride with superb usability. However, the corrosion and abrasion resistance make it durable for a long time.

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The Price Point Of Both Denso And Motorcraft

Denso and Motorcraft are both the best brands. They longed for different feature-rich ignition coils at different prices. Often these two brands longed for new products with new specifications and prices.

Most brands offer similar offers in the high range, but some offer the same features with a specific one in low. And their service is also good than a brandy one if you are finding the low cost to pick as best.

The Motorcraft ignition coil is expensive, but also their recommendation features are great. Not only costly if you want to take it in your budget, but you can also take a look at other Motorcraft products.

Denso and Motorcraft are both right service providers with their specific features. If you find an ignition coil at an affordable price, then Denso can be best for you. It’s a reliable brand and resistant to fatigue.

Often Denso offers high at such a reasonable price with new specific features. You can find that in Motorcraft with some new ones, but the cost can be higher.

Best Recommendation: Denso 673 2302 – Effective Fuel Consumption with This

It will provide you better features is such a low price that can fulfill your requirement with the best services. And thisOE quality ignition coil lasts more than 100k miles.

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Comparing Fuel Economy

The ignition coil’s primary work is to convert the 12-volt power into several thousand for the jump spark plug gap and ignite the air-fuel mixture. The ignition system uses a coil to provide the spark to the cylinders.

Most designed systems use an individual ignition coil for each cylinder. If there is any problem with it, it can cause a misfire.

A Motorcraft ignition coil accurately transforms battery voltage to spark and then spark the fuel. Naturally, the energy stored in a magnet, which is the core of energy, converts it to the spark plug.

If you want to avoid a misfire problem, then Motorcraft is best for you. It provides excellent gas mileage with proper engine performance and also ensures maximum fuel economy. By using this ignition coil, you can get rid of the electronic noise.

On the other, by using Denso, fuel consumption is reduced more than that of Motorcraft. It results in increasing mileage. With higher mileage, you will get a smooth ride by Denso ignition coil.

Best Recommendation: Motorcraft DG 549 -Original Ignition Coil for with an Improved Gas Mileage

It’s best to choose because it can give you a safe ride and take proper care of your engine with excellent mileage. However, this ignition coil from Motorcraft is the OE one precisely compatible with EcoBoost (see also ‘What Does Ecoboost Mean?‘).

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Featuring Reliability For Denso And Motorcraft

Reliability is the most common question that people often ask. High-quality components, advanced technology, great mileage with a smooth ride all of these features can make an ignition coil reliable.

Every time we find all the advanced features in one product. Is it possible? Of course, no. Now it’s likely because many brands offer new products with versatile features as your desire. Denso and Motorcraft are no different.

Denso has such a small size and lightweight, for this it saving previously dead space. The superior materials can make it reliable.

Motorcraft ignition coils are made of multiple coating systems. That’s why it became more robust and reduced the possibility of crack, making it more reliable. Not only this, high electric resistance, High acceleration, and advanced technology make it more durable and reliable.

Denso vs. Motorcraft ignition coil – both are great. Denso can consider best for its fuel consumption, low budget, and other features. Motorcraft is best for its high quality, robust, and reliable service.

Best Recommendation: Motorcraft DG508– Reliable with Insulation Displacement Connection

This ignition coil from Motorcraft is most reliable because it is tested under extreme conditions, resulting in superior ride quality. However, it guarantees compatibility for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury cars.

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Which One You Should Go For?

Usually, an ignition coil has many features. Still, when you are gone to pick one as best, you are generally looking for a specific part. That particular feature can be its accessories, brand, warranty, or compatibility. It doesn’t make sense that one coil has to contain all these features.

Overall the condition, quality, and reliability of the Denso ignition coil is preferable. Its impressive attribute is durability, which can give it the best place. They often serve great at a reasonable price and OE quality too.

However, the Motorcraft ignition coil is the best with its features but cost you more. So, you decide what you will go for?

This content has a comparison and features details of Denso and. Motorcraft ignition coil. Hopefully, it will help you to choose the best for your vehicle.

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