4 Inch Lift Vs 6 Inch Lift | Riding with Proper Ride Height

Are you getting the desired ride height from your suspension lift? Do you know there are significant differences between 4 inch lift Vs 6 inch lift that may impact your ride?

Let’s get into depth and disclose the complete comparison for your comfort. You will have enough details that we gather here based on user experience and performance variance.

Comparison of Two Suspension Parts – 4 Inch Lift Vs 6 Inch Lift

4 Inch Lift

6 Inch Lift

Space Consumption
Takes less space Needs spacious place to store
Best Appliance
Best to maintain proper ride height Proper ground clearance for off-road rides
Fuel Consumption
Works with optimal fuel consumption Larger tire steering needs more power
Tire Compatibility
Up to 33s will do the job Must install giant tire above 33 inches for a better look
Price Fact
Reasonable A larger one simply costs you more

Features Comparison of 4 Inch Lift and 6 Inch Lift

Now, lets’compare all the features with some crazy recommendations for the aggressive ride ever.

Mileage Performancefrom Both Lift Kits

When truck owners decide to install lift kits, the first goal is for ground clearance with the desired ride height.

Installing a 4 inch lift kit will probably lift the average. You can either get the full-on performance from your truck if installed with the stock tire. However, going for the larger tire may seem patchy sometimes. But in terms of mileage, a 4 inch lift kit pleases you, no doubt.

4 inch lift on a truck finely does the job with proper mileage gain when you are riding highways only. And the astonishing fact is you get a moderate ground clearance without causing any harm to the steering shafts.

On the other side, a 6 inch lift kit for a truck gets mandatory when you go off-road often.For the aggressive ride experience, remember you need 6 inch lift or even more. But in the case of mpg, an extensive lift kills your ride mpg, and here are no alternatives.

However, some lift kit like the Rough Country 6″ Lift Kits set maintains the factory ride quality with anti-axle wrap blocks. It is not about only increasing the height but an extreme level riding move with enough ground clearance.

Rough Country 6 Inch Lift– with N3 Shocks Lift Your 2WD F150

This lift kit is just fantastic, maintaining the stock riding quality. On top of the unique feature is you don’t get any lift block problems with Rough Country lifts.

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For Fuel Economy- 4 Inch or 6 Inch Lift?

As we said, the higher lift you install, the more fuel it consumes to control the bigger tires. And here is the reason behind the mileage loss. A 6 inch lifted truck needs more power that eventually steps you out of your desire mileage gain. Yet, you gain your aggressive ride.

On the contrary, the truck with 4 inch lift kit uses less fuel resulting in more mileage and economical fuel consumption. If you think of the fuel’s economical use, maintaining a proper ride height, 2 to 4 inch lift is perfect for you. But if you think of some smooth off-road rides, don’t strain your axle arms too much. Lift your truck with the ideal size.

SuperATV 6″ Lift– UV Resistant Precise Fit for the Can-Am Commander

Ride wild and aggressive with the precise fit lift suspension fromSuperATV. It is the perfect fit to maintain ride height in your Can-Am Commander, even with massive tires.

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Which One Needs More Space?

Is a 6 inch lift too much? That is a quite common question by the truck owners when they are occupied with a small garage to space their trucks.

If you have a smaller space for your trucks, then a 4 inch lift is perfect enough to go. But many a time, the truck owners fall in a dilemma with their 6 inch lifted truck for not having much space in the garage. The bigger lift only goes with a larger tire, of course.

So, if you have a spce issue, it is recommended to have the 4 inch lift to maintain the ride quality. But if your concern is the look with rock crawling, then sort out the spacing problem, then go for 6-inch lift. By the way, or to enjoy the performance with moderate lift suspension, Skyjacker 4 inchlift is quite famous for easy installation and does not strain the shaft.

Ready Lift 4 Inch Lift kit– Lift for the Steel Front Suspension

If you want to upgrade the whole suspension parts, including the tire,  Readylift 4 inch is the best pick.  For the newer models of some Silverado truck, it properly maintains ride quality.

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Comparing the Ease of Use with 6 Inch vs 4 Inch Lift

Both sizes of lift kits provide the performance according to quality. But many forget to look at the fact of users’ comfort in usage. However, if you are a regular off-road rider, then this might not applyto you.

With the 4-inch lift kit, your truck may get back to its factory ride or have an optimal ground clearance for a smooth ride. On the other hand, a truck lifted with 6-inch lift blocks or above can bring an awkward situation by the truck’s sudden height.

Well, most probably, it happens when you ride on highways with the bigger tires- like the 6″ lift on ATV car from SuoperATV. In the beginning, you might face this,but gradually, you get habituated.

XJMoto 4 Inch Lift– Easy Installing Polaris Liftkit

You can install this liftkit with the giant tire. The black powder-coated finishing of this lift kit will surprise you as it is super easy to install.

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Tire Compatibility with 6 Inch and 4 Inch Lift

The most crucial fact to consider before you choose your suggested lift suspension. 33s to 35s tire finely do the job of ride height maintenance and ground clearance.

Besides, installing a 4 inches lift with bigger tires cannot maintain the ride quality. Rather,it maycause your shafts and A-arms to drive the bigger tires- though XJMoto front and rear 4″ lift let you install with bigger tires.

On the other hand, a 6-inch lift kit with bigger tires is the best combination to get the proper riding feel. However, some may find some saying to have less mileage for this extra 2-inch height and cause of wind too. But it is not noticeable at all. Instead, you get the chance to crawl your truck or vehicles over bumpy, shaggy roads.

Alloy USA 4 Inch Lift– Direct Fit for 2WD Jeep Wrangler JK

It comes with a shock absorber that makes it a complete kit. And this user-friendly kit is ideal to use with the factory hoses that too within budget.

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Cost Comparison between 4 Inch Lift and 6 Inch Lift

Well, this controversy needs no say as the bigger height with bigger tires surely cost you extra. In a 4 inch lift, you get smaller rear blocks and no coil-over in some. So, the costing here reduces to some extent. And the Dasen 4 inch lift kit for Polaris works fine as it seems to work with the larger tire.

In the case of a 6-inch lift withlarger rear blocks, no doubt hikes the cost. And with the massive tire, you can’t steer properly if you don’t install the proper suspension lift. Besides, according to come Tacomaowners, a 6-inch lift with drop brackets can be relatively cheap if you think of the budget.

When you carry heavy loads most, the reduction of the truck towing gets crucial. And looking for some alternative cheaper don’t cause damage to your suspension parts beneath. So, better to get the proper lift according to your desired ride that you might be thankful for in the long run.

Which Suspension Lift Is for You?

From a visual appearance, there are no major differences between 4 inch lift vs 6 inch lift. But in terms of performance and mileage, you can feel it forsure.

If you want to upgrade your suspension and go off-road most, no choice; you should go for the 6 inch lift suspension to maintain the proper ride height.

But if you are only going highways and need some ground clearance, a 4 inch is okay for you with the same dashing look that of with 6 inches.

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