Bullet Liner Vs LineX- Which Spray-on Liner for Your Truck Bed?

Is the Bullet bed liner making its position over the Line X? That’s why the battle Bullet liner vs Linex bed liner is at a tie-tie point in the peak of searching quality bed liner.

Are you stuck in between these two brands and looking for a complete solution-worthy guide? You can just stay calm and keep on reading.

We have done enough research on these two spray-on bed liners, including different user experiences, to get known to various opinions. And this helps present a complete comparison with the solid and practical info.

Let’s see.

Bullet Liner Vs LineX Liner- Table Comparison

Bullet Bed Liner

Line X Bed Liner

Good liner with fine edges cut Thick layer with glossy look
Easily scraps off Easy to install and clean
Price Difference
Cheaper than Line X Relatively expensive based on preferences
Warranty Service
Limited lifetime warranty Lifetime warranty
Customer Service
A bit late responsive Relatively fast responsive and better customer service

Let’ssipthe detailed view of these 2 competitive spray-on bed liners.

Bullet Bed Liner Vs Line-X- Comparison From The Origin

Most of you might not have heard Bullet liner’s name as it is new to the truck liner industry. But from some sources, we got to find that the co-designer of Line-X started the Bullet with more authenticity in the spray-on liners as well as durability.

If we compare in the case of liner types, then there rises no significant comparison between LineX and Bullet liners. Both are quality standard spray-on types of truck bed liner.

However, line-X is one of the largest truck bed liners Franchised in North America for 25 years for brand recognition. And unlike Bullet, its primary focus is making authentic and quality bed liner for the truck bed liners only. In contrast, Bullet seems to come with some more appliance coverage like ATV, UTV, motorcycles, marine, and more.

Our Best Pick For BedRug Full Bed Liner: 6.6’ Bed for Silverado Sierra

It is ideal for heavy hauling truck beds. Anti-skid material with comfortable knee-friendly cushioning on the floor keeps you in comfort with durability.

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Dissimilarity in Appearance of Bullet & Line-X Liner

Now, here you may smell some visible differences. Yes, the Line-X bed liner is made using the pure Polyeura formula. The premium industry looks with shiny and glossy look varying models is the significant feature you can find on Line-X bed liners.

On the other hand, the Bullet liner comes with the gold standard high Caliber protection with the same Polyurethane but in a different impenetrable and sealant form. It can ensure an improved quality of bed liner with advanced chemistry use.

Though not all of the Bullet bed liner can provide a glossy look, you can find the durable and protective bed liner.

Our Best Pick For Rust-Oleum Truck Bed Coating– Rust-Resistant Spray-on Liner

With this black automotive coating, you can make a thicker layer of coating and give a textured finishing look to your truck bed. It is rust and weather resistant also.

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Line X Vs Bullet Spray-On Liner- Beneficial Facts

When considering the beneficial parts with the highlighting facts from both bed liners, Line X comes ahead in this case.

The Line X liner comes in 4 different models- Standard, Premium, Platinum, and the Xtra. The common feature you find is the durable liner with leak, corrosion, and rust resistance. Linex liner is made of such material that it is environment-friendly and VOC friendly that you do not get in the Bullet liners.

More to this, the Premium and the Platinum models come with UV resistance that works like sunscreen over the liner. It does not let the liner fade color due to the extreme sun rays. And in the Xtra model of Line X, you can customize your liner color. Who does not want to match the truck color with the truck bed liner and make a perfect color combination in your truck?

However, both the Line X and the Bullet liner offer bed liners protection against debris, dent, and scratch. Then again, the resistance from chemical stain is helpful when you use your truck for hauling chemical goods, tools, lumber, and other dirty and sandy stuff.

The Bullet liner was applied and tested its features in racing and off-road vehicles like the Prestigious Baja 1000 and the Subzero.

Bu the way, Line X and Bullet liner can help dampen the sound and give you a noise-free truck ride.

Our Best Pick: Husky heavy-Duty Bed Liner– 5.8’ compatible With Ford F-150

This Ford bed liner is durable and robust, with softness on the floor. The anti-skid material here helps to keep the stuff at the place and does not slip or skid. Also, it takes minimal time to install.

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Bullet Liner Vs LineX- Ease of Use

The installation and the removal is the major point after features in the spray-on liners. The liner that is less time-consuming to install and remove is preferable.

Their trained experts apply the Line X bed liner. They ensure the optimal thicker coating of the spray. And manage the entire spraying process with care and responsibility.

However, the Line X liner is easy to clean with any extreme pressure wash or others. There is no worry about color fading. So, stay relaxed and follow a monthly cleaning schedule for cleaning the truck bed.

On the contrary, the Bullet liner is also making its space in the industry rapidly. With the premium spray, the Bullet Spray-on liners are sprayed and get it covered with their certified dealers. You just make sure to find the Bullet liner dealer from the nearest inn.

Oh, one cringy thing we found out that people suggest to scrap off the old liner yourself. After then contact any nearest dealer to make it done using the premium spray-on type bed liner.

Our Best Pick: Portable Heavy-Duty Truck bed Liner– UV Protected Adjustable Bed Liner

Its 6 size variances let you fit your truck precisely with maximum space. It is portable in a bag of 16 x 10 x10 size. For its versatile use, you can use it for automotive, hunting, fishing, and so on.

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Bullet Bed Liner Vs Line X Comparing Services

After considering all the features and making the decision to apply, there comes the part of contacting the dealer. Yes, It is wise to contact any nearest liner dealer and get your truck bed liner installment done.

Line X seems to be okay with the customer service. The Bullet seems to disappoint users with its responsive rate.  In some user opinions, the Bullet liner customer care is a bit of wastage and pretty hard to find a dealer.

In terms of warranty service, the Linex gives a lifetime warranty with their bed liner and ensures quality. Contrarily, the Bullet liner comes with lifetime warranty service also but with some conditions like limited.

Our Best Pick for DualLiner Truck Bed Liner– 5.6” Fits Ford F-150 Trucks

Its hard sidewalls protect from cargo, and it is dent resistant. The bed liner comes with a 100%  lifetime warranty. 3/8” thicker padding gives the knee some ease with stable hold.

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What Should You Choose?

Within some minutes, we have come to the finishing lines to end the battle of bullet liner vs LineX liner. And if you are brand conscious, no doubt it’s a yes for the Line X for its feature transparency with satisfying customer service. Though the Line X may be pricier than the Bullet, extra bucks worth it.

However, for a less expensive, better performance on the truck, the Bullet bed liner is closable also.


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