Billie Vs Flamingo Razors- What Should Be Your Picks?

Billie vs Flamingo razors- this controversy is getting so hyped among women nowadays. Both are performing as tie-tie competitors in the market. So, what will you keep for your personal care?

Don’t bring wrinkles by frowning ladies. We have done the research, considering girls’ reviews of these two popular woman razors. And finally, we bring out the head to head battle of these razors here.

Without further delay, let’s get into the depth.

Comparing Two Kudos- Billie Vs Flamingo Razors

Billie Razor

Flamingo Razor

Founding Year

Introduced in 2017 2013 with grooming products & 2018 with women

After Shaving Effects

More smooth effects compare to Flamingo Smooth effects with the aloe strip

Color Availability

Available in 6 different handle colors 4 different elegant handle colors

Blade Production

Made in the USA German-engineered blade

Subscription Service

A reminder–type subscription service No subscription service here

Facial Razor

No offers some aesthetic facial razors


Only available to buy from Billie’s website with subscription service Available to buy both online and local stores

Starter kit Price

Affordable except subscription service Comparatively cheaper than Billie

Flamingo Razors (Taro & Rose Gold Color)– Affordable One with a Flexible Shaving Experience

Why Should We Consider This Razor?
Billie might come with a greater service pack, but this does not mean Flamingo is not good in any aspect. Flamingo gives you a razor with the traditional shaving feel. For those who like to have the traditional shaving experience only with the quality, of course, Flamingo is a winning pick for you.

Introducing Flamingo Women Razor

Harry’s team launched Flamingo razor for women first in 2018, but earlier, it offered only subscription-based razor for men by Harry’steam. However, many women were using their grooming products, so; they chose to bring better for the women at a time.

The Fellow Warrior- Blade Design

Like the Billie, Flamingo also comes with a nice sharp blade with five blades cartridge. The blades are engineered with German technology that shaves out your hair from skin finely and smoothly.

The Gothic Arch shaped blades with high-quality Swedish steel are made in their German factory. You get your closest shaving with smooth finishing every time with the Flamingo razor.

Here, Flamingo’s blades come with a hydrating aloe strip that does not itch your skin after shaving. So, you get your skin free from any infection or itchiness. And each purchase includes an extra five-blade cartridge that was two with the Billie razor, though.

The Real Competitor- Elegant Handle

The handle of the Flamingo razor is super comfy and flexible to use. You get here the feel of shaving with the traditional razor you may like to have. Unlike Billie, the Flamingo razor allows you to bend your handle much ergonomically and reach any corner you need.

On top of that, the handle comes with a rubbery grip that lets you with a fine grip, easy to hold, and does not fall off while shave out. If you need can get the Flamingo razors with foamy shaving gel at $5. This gel is Paraben-free and Sulphate-free and gives you the smell of traditional shaving gel many may be fond of.

To talk about the color,Flamingo razors are very elegant and classy with the handle colors. It comes in 4 elegant colors (Taro with rose gold, desert rose with silver, mint with gold, and pomelo with silver) with a metallic accent on its body.

If Flamingo vs Billie arises in a talk, for the classy handle, design, and color with traditional shave out experience, Flamingo gets the winning pick.

Package from Flamingo

Like the Billie, Flamingo also comes in an aesthetic package with a circular suction cup holder to mount on the wall. And its starter razor kit comes in $16 with a Flamingo shaving gel. However, it is far cheaper than Billie. But Flamingo comes with only one extra blade cartridge, whereas the Billie gives you two.

Here in Flamingo, there is no compulsory subscription service. You can order them whenever you need to refill.

Also, you can get the Flamingo razors both online and in stores. Suppose you can’t get from local stores during the pandemic. In that case, Flamingo is available in online stores such as Target, Amazon, Walmart, Walgreen, etc.

Impressive Customer Service

Along with the Flamingo razors, Flamingo offers quite friendly customer service. However, if you need waxing where many time shaving might not work, you can get it from Flamingo.


  • Super flexible handle with ergonomic hinge
  • Elegant & attractive color
  • Available both in online and offline stores
  • Better grip on the handle
  • Aloe strips bringing smoothness


  • Comes with only one extra blade cartridge
  • No auto-refill subscription system

Available On Amazon

Billie Razors- Smooth & Efficient Shaving with User-Friendly Subscription System

Why We Recommend This One
Both Flamingo and Billie come around with the same goal and price point. But Billie brings some extra- such as the subscription service that saves a lot of girls’ time to refill their razors with a new cartridge in time. Apart from this, the smooth shave out process with a bland touch makes you feel no razor touch on the skin.

Basic from the Launch of Billie

Who owns Billie razors? It is a common question everyone has. Well, Billie started its journey in 2017 with pink-tax with a huge response from around the world.

After all, women got some chance to get out of the age-old Gillette Venus razors. Oh, the thing we can’t ignore is that it donates 1% of its all profit to the women’s issue worldwide.

The Blade Performance

The crucial fact in every razor is the performance of the blade. The Blades of Billie will come to surprise you in every shave you drag with its combination of five blades. And the blade cartridge is in a rounded edge. The charcoal shaving soap surrounding the blade in Billie razor is amazing. It leaves a smooth effect on your skin after shaving.

And the amazing part of this razor is you don’t even feel the razor tug on your skin for an inch during the whole time. Women love this silky and smooth touch that Billie razor leaves after shaving out. And the heavy soap built-in this razor blade lets you use less shaving cream.

You can also use their shaving cream, creating less foam but silky cream. That is quite expensive, but a tiny amount works enough resulting in go longer.

Brandy handle Design

The colorful handle of Billie razor will enchant you. Women who are obsessed with the product look will surely love the Billie razor, no doubt.

Its handle comes in 6 fascinated colors. All the pink and blue shades color variance look enchanting. That’s amazing as girls’ favorite color.Also, the handle is quite stiff and durable.

Billie’s Unique Subscription Service

When you the Billie razor, you get the subscription service with your purchase. This subscription will help to ship the blades and refill them as you schedule it once a month, quarterly, or even more as your requirements.

Here is a beneficial part of Billie that you don’t need to worry about refilling the razor blades. You get your shipment from the Billie according to your subscription frequency. However, you can also delay, cancel, or change this subscription frequency at any time. Even you can change or delay the shipment too.

The Package Includes

Before going inside the package, let’s have some details of the packaging of Billie. The entire packaging is just you are going to love it as it’s come in cute packaging. However, many may not get attracted by the packaging rather only the quality.

The Billie starter kit comes within $9 with extra 2 blade cartridges of five blades. With the razor box, you get a triangular-shaped magnetic razor holder that you can mount on your shower wall. However, most people seem reviewing it does not work at all. It can be because of the slippery shower wall.

You can also get their shaving cream at $8 with the razor as it is non-aerosol but thick enough. You can find these razors online on their site only.


  • Affordable starter kit
  • Wonderful smoothness aftershave
  • Beneficial & auto reminding subscription service
  • Aesthetic packaging& branding
  • Girls’ favorite color variations in handle


  • Not available in stores to buy
  • Must buy with the subscription service

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Who Is the Winner for You?

Both Flamingo and Billie are high-quality razors with around the same price range and service. But you may not try both to bring any risk of any nasty infection or other issues.

So, to sum up, Billie vs Flamingo, Billie is the winner here for its no razor tug feel while shaving. Well, ladies who are a little lazy to remember the refill time, Billie is your friend then. You can enjoy their subscription service to remind the blade refill every time with shipments and chill out without worries.

However, if you don’t like to have the auto refill shipment and want to buy according to your time, The Flamingo is the best pick for you. Besides, if you like to have the traditional shaving fragrance and razor feel while shaving, who stops you? Go, get your ideal deal of Flamingo Now!


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