Balancing Beads VS Weights: An Overall Comparison To Pick The Best One

What is the difference between balancing beads and weights? The major two crucial differences between these two popular balancing wheels methods are installation and longevity.

Besides, there are a few things to consider while winning the clash for  balancing beads vs weights. If you want to know details about all the differences between these two well-known methods of balancing wheels, then check this entire article.

Balancing Beads VS Weights- Quick Overview

Key PointsBalancing beadsWeights
Balancing efficiencyLess balancing efficiencyBetter balancing efficiency
Price Differenceexpensivecheaper
Ease of installationEasier to installHarder to install
LongevityLasts longerDon’t last as long as balancing beads

Now, let’s find out the differentiation between balancing beads VS wheel weights in detail.

Balancing Efficiency

Balancing beads can cause vibration till the wheel spins sufficiently quickly for the balancing beads to settle and balance. Generally, it takes till the vehicle speed is 30-40 mph. Balancing beads do not balance tires well at a low pace. Some people also complained that the balancing beads fall to the bottommost of their tires every time they stop their vehicle.

When they begin driving again, their tires are out of balance till the balancing beads distribute themselves again around the inner part of the tires. It isn’t enjoyable for any people. Balancing beads can get trapped in the valve stem in case the installer does not use the proper ones.

We also found some complaints regarding balancing beads that when you hit any bumps or take any turn while driving, the tires get out of balance.

On the other hand, wheel weights don’t have these problems. In case you opt for static balance, the wheel weights remain inside the rim (see also ‘How To Clean Chrome Rims‘), and they will utilize tape weights on outside the tire, behind the tire face.

As a result, there will be no wheel weights on the lip. Static balance is the best option if you do not like wheel weights on the outside of your wheel. So, when comparing balance beads VS stick-on weights, we can say that the wheel weights give much more balancing efficiency than balancing beads.

Riding Difference

Beads are the most popular choice for balancing tires. They are also the cheapest and simplest solution for balancing tires. The bead balancing provides a smoother ride than weight balancing because it does not have any vibrations from being moved around in different areas of the tire.

The beads are made of a hard rubber that is designed to use in tires. The beads help the tire maintain its shape and balance while providing a smoother ride.

Meanwhile, weights are to balance the tire when it is not round enough. You can place the weight at the top or bottom of the tire, depending on where it needs to be balanced.

Somehow, if the tire balancing beads are damaged, it will cause the tire to be out of balance and make the car unsafe.

Ease Of Installation- The Major Clash

When you compare the installation process between tire balancing beads vs weights, you will find that balancing beads has a more straightforward installation process than the weights installation process.

You can install the balancing beads without even dismounting your tire. You have to inject the balancing beads straight into your tire via the air valve to do that.

You will only need 5 minutes to install the balancing beads on each wheel (see also ‘How Long Do Wheel Bearings Last?‘). On the other hand, weights are required to adhere to the inner part of the tire.

To install the wheel weights, you need to dismount your wheel and tire from your vehicle. The installation process of wheel weights on each tire will take around 25 minutes to 1 hour.

Longevity- Another Debating Fact

Generally, in the comparison between weights vs balance beads, balancing beads last longer than weights. When your tire wears balancing beads to keep your tire in balance, it allows your tire to run cooler and enjoy a longer tread life of up to twenty percent.

Most of the time, you will only require a one-time installation of balancing beads for the entire life of your tire. The only issue you have to face with them is that you are required to break down your tire to remove them when they are in there.

On the other hand, after a certain period, wheel weights wear. So, you need to remove and replace them. Weights can also be knocked off while on rough terrain driving. As a result, you need to replace every lost wheel weight later.

Price Difference

The cost of tire balance beads is different from one store to another. Some stores sell them at a very low price, and there are some stores that sell them at a high price. It costs around $3 to $6 per bag of tire balance beads, but the price can vary depending on where you buy them.

Balance beads are small metal balls placed on a tire to help it maintain the desired air pressure. They are typically used in cars, trucks, and other light vehicles. The cost of tire balance beads can vary depending on the type of tires you have and the type of beads you need.

For example, if you have a car with radial tires and use steel balance beads, the cost is usually around $2 per bead. But if your car has bias-ply tires and uses brass balance beads, it will cost closer to $5 per bead.

There are many different types of tire balance beads available for purchase today such as steel or brass balls, plus they come in different sizes depending on the size of your vehicle’s tires (see also ‘What Are Staggered Wheels?‘).

On the other hand, Tire weight is the amount of weight that is put on a tire. The most common type of tire weight is steel weights.

The cost of tire weights can vary depending on the size and quantity. But typically they cost about $1 per pound for a set of 20-pound weights or about $2 per pound for each 25-pound weight sset.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use balancing beads with weights?

Many people ask can you use balance beads and weights together, and the answer is no, as they function against each other. If you have a balancing problem with your tire, use the counteract balancing beads. However, some people think that it is possible to use weights and a smaller amount of balancing beads together. They also feel that it does a much better job compared to the weights alone.

Can you put too many balancing beads in a tire?

NO, as balancing beads continuously move to counteract tire imbalance, so using too many balancing beads would never work. Too many balancing beads will cause a minor imbalance on the tire. It is an issue on smaller tires where there isn’t as much space in the tire hollow for the balancing beads to spread themselves equally where they are required to be.

At what speed do balancing beads work?

The balancing beads start working when the vehicle speed is around 30-40 mph. Generally, it relies on the vehicle, the balance situation, the tire size, driving accelerations, and the entire thing. However, at a speed of around 30-40 mph, balancing beads will spread around the tire evenly and nicely.

Are balance beads any good?

Yes, balancing beads are good. They have a more positive effect compared to other tire balancing products like wheel weights. It is because balancing beads stabilize the wheel, tire, and axle more evenly. Balancing beads deliver positive outcomes on fuel economy, particularly in fast pace line haul applications. In addition, they decrease vehicle vibration significantly.

Do Tire Balancing Beads wear out?

With the long-lasting material tire balancing beads are generally built of, you could hope that they would last as long as your vehicle’s tires do. Tire balancing beads minimalize premature and irregular wear more than other tire balancing products. High-quality tire balancing beads are built of coated glass, which provides a strong bead that generally lasts for the entire life of your tire.

What Should Be Your Pick?

Finally, it is time to take the final decision and choose between balancing beads and wheel weights to balance your tire. Both of them do an excellent job of balancing the tire. While balancing beads lasts longer than wheel weights, wheel weights have a better balancing efficiency than the balancing beads.

The final factor in deciding the winner is longevity, and balancing beads wins in this case. So, in our perspective, you should go for balancing beads. However, the final choice is yours, and we will request you to go through the aspects discussed in this balancing beads vs weights comparison. It will help you to choose one between them easily.

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