BakFlip MX4 Vs UnderCover Ultra Flex – Which One Is Better for You?

Nowadays, BakFlip Mx4 and UnderCover Ultra Flex are the most demanded hard folding truck undercover bed cover in the market. Some say BakFlip Mx4 is better, and other people say the Undercover Ultra-flex is best for a pickup truck.

That’s why many people are hesitant about which one to buy for their pickup truck. Ending all volatile conditions and doing so much research, we have some comparative explanations here to help you choose the right product between the BakFlip Mx4 vs Undercover Ultra Flex.

Let’s Compare the BakFlip Mx4 Vs UnderCover Ultra Flex!

BakFlip Mx4

UnderCover Ultra Flex

Requires drilling during installation Requires no drilling during installation
68 x 23 x 8 inches 28 x 68 x 8 inches
Under Panel
No carpeted under panel Carpeted under panel
Ease of Access
Dual-Action tailgate for the entire access Auto shutting options
Rail Light
No integrated luminous rail light system Integrated luminous rail light system
Water Resistance
Not fully water resistance Fully water Resistance
Smooth & Stylish matte finishing Black matte finish
Top 3 Picks
  1. Undercover Ultra Flex for GMC Sierra
  2. Undercover Ultra Flex for Ford Ranger6
  3. Undercover Ultra Flex for Nissan Titan
  1. BAK Flip MX4 for GM Silverado, Sierra
  2. BAK Flip MX4 for 2020 Jeep Gladiator
  3. Bak Flip MX4 for Dodge Ram

Features Comparison of Undercover Ultra Flex And BAKFlip MX4

Have a head to head comparison of these two truck bed covers.

Folding Nature & Material of Both Truck Cover Under Cover

Both Bak Flip and Ultracover comes with a folding design. Well, Ultra Flex is an upgraded version of the truck bedcover, and some fabulous features make it different from BakFlip Mx4. Tri-fold design makes the UnderCover Ultra Flex easier for installation.

You can fold it up in a straight position, so it doesnot touch the truck’s cab. Even you can fold it back to the truck’s cab. The lock system here makes your cover safe in any rough area.

On the other hand, in the Bakflip cover, you can’t get this feature to keep it folded straight. However, the matte black look with an all-aluminum cover makes BakFlip MX4 cover a glossy and versatile finish. The matte black finish also protects the car from scratches, scuffs, and Ultra violate radiations.

In any adverse situation, the truck bed cover will go significantly, being no damage. Even people review that after 16 months of usage, the cover surface looks new. The hardware is black, so clamps and the rails blend in much with the bed when opened.

Best Recommended for- Bak Flip MX4 6’5″ Tonneau Cover– Fits 16-20 Nissan Titan

The matte finishing Bak Flip cover fits nicely on the Nissan Titan truck bed. And thedual-action tailgate system makes it convenient to use for a longer time.

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Comparing the Under Panel Design for Both

In BakFlip MX4, rustproof aluminum rails with black power coat touch create a stylish, sleek look for your truck bed.

The UnderCover Ultra Flex provides some extra desirable feature that it’s under panel is fully carpeted. If you compare Undercover Ultra Flex vs Bakflip, your mind will go for the Ultra Flex. The carpeted under panel gives a soft touch and secure your goods and chattels.

Best Recommendation for- Undercover Ultra Flex 5.8 ft Bed– Ideal for 2019 GMC Sierra

The ultra-low profile design, but the carpeted panel gives an OEM quality look. And it makes you feelmore than the soft version of the truck bed cover.

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Ease of Use

The Tri-folding Ultra Flex offers you comfortable use of the tonneau cover. UnderCover Ultra Flex bed cover allows you to use the whole truck bed from whatever side you open the bed cover.

The multiple folding positions make for better access to the truck bed. L-Rail connectors make it more helpful for the customers. You can use it very easily for the night trip because of the LED light on the rail side that makes the night trip more luminous and ensures the use of the cover in the dark.

BakFlip MX4 is the best-selling product for its elevator bolts that make it more attractive. The attached belt with the cover makes it more secured for you.

Thus, you can ride your truck for a long time without locking the cover body with the truck bed. You can fold back the cover in Tri-part and secure it with the truck cab, too, by the secured belt. Unlike the undercover Ultra Flex, BakFlip MX4 needs some tools to install and remove the cover.

Best Recommended for Security- Undercover Ultra Flex 5’7”-Fits 09-20 Dodge Ram 1500

It comes with a dual-action tailgate for easy access. And the 3 position locking option lets you smoothly lock it up.

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Water Resistance On Undercover Ultra Flex and Bakflip MX4

The UnderCover Ultra Flex gives a water-resistant seal that makes this cover waterproof. The water drainage channel here won’t let your truck to get wet in a rainy season. Thus, whatever you are carrying in your vehicle will remain fully dry. Even the rooftop of UnderCover Ultra Flex cover is waterproof, which will keep your life hassle-free.

Whereas the BakFlip MX4 is a heavy-duty, uniquely designed all-season truck bed. BakFlip MX4 cover is also waterproof as UnderCover Ultra Flex, but possibly you will find leakage on the rail side during the heavy rainy season.

The flap is of plastic instead of rubber that’s why leakage of water may happen. But if you get into this kind of trouble, you can change the cover with no issue. So, here Ultra Flex is the winner for its water-resistance feature.

Best Waterproof Bed Cover- Undercover Ultraflex 5.5″ for 07-20 Toyota Tundra Max

This truck cover bed cover is easy to install. And this premium quality tonneau cover is sturdy with the line-x on top helps to prevent scratches.

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Security and Durability

The well designed UnderCover Ultra Flex cover won’t let the harmful ultraviolet radiation to come inside. The high secured lock system protects the materials from any opportunity seeker thief.

UnderCover Ultra Flex cover is also rust-free, so no extra hassle of cleaning the car.

However, in Back Flip, the included struts allow you to access nearly 100% of your truck bed. The strut rest has rod clips to lock the cover while not in use. You can shut the bed cover with the tailgate in either it is open or close.

Though Back Flip MX4 can’t offer a locking system as highly protected as the Undercover Ultra Flex, both can hold pressure up to 400 pounds. And both survive for many days in any adverse environment.

Even you find the MX4 looking new after a year of use. Both the Undercover Ultra Flex and Back Flip MX4 manufacturers offer a5-year guarantee with free replacement cost.

Best Truck Bed for Security- Bak Flip MX4 6’7″ Bed– Fits 16021 Nissan Titan XD

The premium upgraded seal in this truck bed lets you secure load transport. And when you close it, the lock option on the tailgate adds an extra security feature.

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Top 5 Picks from Undercover Ultra Flex

1. Undercover Ultra Flex 6′ Bed-Sharp Looking Bed Cover Fits 19-20 Ford Ranger6

2. Undercover Ultra Flex 5.5″– Functional Cover for 7-21 Toyota Tundra Max

3. Undercover Ultra Flex 6′ Bed– Easily Usable Fit for 5-15 Toyota Tacoma

4. Undercover Ultra Flex 5.5″– Robust Cover for 15-20 Ford F-150

5. Undercover Ultra Flex 6′ Bed– Hard Folding bed for Chevrolet Colorado

Top 5 Picks from Bak Flip MX4

1. Bak Flip MX4 6’7″-Durable Truck Bed for Limited Silverado & Sierra

2. Bak Flip MX4 5’7’’– Heavy-Duty Cover for 15-20 Ford-150

3. Bak Flip MX4 5’3’’– Lock-Free Cover for 15-21 GM Colorado

4. Bak Flip MX4 5’6’’– Compatible for 04-14 Ford F-150

5. Bak Flip MX4 5’6’’ Bed– Secured Cover for 07-20 Toyota Tundra

What Should You Pick?

Between BakFlip MX4 Vs Undercover Ultra Flex, the UnderCover Ultra Flex cover offers a vehicle-specific construction and a completely flush fit. Based on our research, we find its installation and removal is so easy. So, it will undoubtedly be best for your truck bed.

The BakFlip MX4 is best for commercial use. It is better to pay a little more for something that will hold up and not get destroyed immediately. From that sense, BakFlip MX4 will be better for you.


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