Baader Morpheus Vs Delos – Get the Perfect Eyepiece

Looking into the sky is already a mind pleasing activity. And someone who loves to check stars in the deep sky would have to go for an eyepiece. But for which one should you go for? No worries, we’re here to highlight between Baader Morpheus vs Delos eyepiece.

If you want a crisp image of the scene through your eyepiece and avoid any disturbing light, get the whole idea of getting an eyepiece for you. We will talk about the requirements and which eyepiece fills them so you can get yourself one.

Alpine Astronomical Baader Morpheus Vs Delos

Alpine Baader Morpheus Eyepiece

Tele Vue Delos Eyepiece

Apparent Field of View
76° Degree 72° Degree
Eye Relief Diameter
21 mm Full covering eye relief 20 mm eye relief covering eye from externals
AR Coating
Phantom Coating Group Index-Matched Coating
Camera Thread
M43 Afocal
Average Eye Relief
21 mm 20 mm
Field Stop Diameter
12.1 9.9 mm
Very Light in comparison to build Much heavier than Baader Morpheus
Best Use
Astrophotography Both for Birding & Astronomic use
Quality Assurance
2 years of warranty Lifetime warranty assurance
Top Picks
Baader Morpheus 14 mm Tele Vue Delos 8 mm

Comparing Features Between Delos Baader And Morpheus

Let’s compare the main focusing points between these two super telescope lenses.

Actual Field of View Comparison

In the Baader Morpheus Alpine Astronomical, you will get a 76° view of the angle. This means a higher area is there in the frame. In comparison to this, Delos from Tele Vue offers us a 72° Field of view. It is not a huge difference, just a fraction. Yet not unnoticeable.

A bigger field of view means better image creation without distortion. Bird watching with an eyepiece is a common observation for bird lovers. Most eyepieces from 14 mm to 17.3 mm are popular for bird watching.

And you need to have a bigger field of view when watching a bird glide in the air. However, it will let you have a clear image of the scene through your telescope.

The combination of flat-field lens construction, lenses, and internal confusion and blackening offers in Morpheus direct and bright views. Making sure minimal irregularities around, and especially at the edges of, the entire field of view. Any other current wide-field eyepiece is unmatched in the sharp 76° area.

The sharpness and comparison between the axes beat our best planetary oculars, with almost identical results on the entire pitch. Stars are diamond pinnacles as you step away from the center. Even short focus telescopes keep the field smooth and centered.

On the other hand, Delos promised to ensure a narrower Ethos zone. It reduces the area to 72° allowed for greater visual relaxation when managing pupil aberrations without too much eyewear. The Delos architecture achieves full field sharpness, almost perfect distortion mapping (theta), and color neutrality, thanks to Ethos performances as benchmark benchmarks. The fidelity of the image is optimized in the eyepiece by using glass matching multicolor and anti-Reflect surfaces.

Using this Delos, the eyepiece area calculator under the “formula” tab above indicates how large the specific field of view is.

Our best recommendation Baader Morpheus 14 mm– Premium Astronomical Eyepiece with Wider FOV

For the astronomy bino viewers, it is the ideal pick. In terms of weight, size it is perfectly optimized, and the wide FOV with 76° angle gives enough clear view. And the 18.5 mm long eye relief gives a super comfortable viewing experience.

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Magnification Comparison – Delos or Morpheus

In terms of magnification, the lower focal length means higher magnification. Here Tele Vue Delos takes the game. Their Delos series starts from a minimum focal length of 3.5mm, whereas Baader Morpheus starts from 4.5 mm.

Higher magnification is really necessary when it comes to astronomical observation. Deep sky watching is a tough task if you don’t have a high magnifier eyepiece. Both the eyepieces are on the same barrel length of 1.25”, so the Delos is a better choice when it comes to magnification.

However, the night owls from different astronomy lovers seem to have the hard choice over 14 mm Delos vs 14 mm Morpheus. For better eye relief with slight field curvature, people prefer the Delos. And those who like to put on glasses while watching through the lens would go for the 14 mm Morpheus.

Our best pick for higher magnification Tele Vue Delos 3.5mm– Unique Contrast Telescope Eyepiece

It will worth every penny after you use it. The great-built eyepiece features an exceptional image contrast. And the power leaves no need to say as you even get a crisp look of the Albedo.

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Daylight Vision Comparison

Daylight views on both of these eyepieces are great. The lens on Baader Morpheus is redder than Delos. This is because it has Nitrogen filled inside the core. And also, the anti-reflective coating is one of the reasons for being reddish.

In daylight, one major factor that affects a better view is the High Field of vision. Any classic eyepiece built for daylight view is mainly in the range of 70-80° FOV. So both of the products are in the right place when it comes to daylight vision.

In comparison, The Baader Morpheus is better than the Delos. You will notice the significance of the 4° difference when you look through the eyepieces. Moreover, because of the high field of view, you don’t have to place your eyes into the center every time with Baader Morpheus.

But in the Delos, you have to keep your eye just over the center to have a clear picture of the scene. Our best choice is Baader Morpheus 14 mm for daylight view.

Celestron X-Cel LX Series– 2.3 mm Full Multi-Coated Eyepiece

Celestron is precisely a fit for the planetary view. The optimized lens with six layers of multi-coating makes it a great lens. The non-slip-able grip design is also included here for better grip. And 1.25’’ barrels let you use filters.

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Camera Mount System Comparison

First, let’s point out this: The Baader Morpheus uses an M43 extender for the camera mount. Delos has an Afocal camera thread for mounting.

Astrophotography is a passion for some people. You have to make your camera align with your eyepiece to get a perfect shot. Both of these eyepieces sit on a binocular and telescope. Though the Delos works just fine with a camera, this wasn’t designed to work with a camera. But the Alpine Astronomical Baader Morpheus is a unique product for those people.

It is specially designed to set with a camera. The next great photograph is just an eyepiece away. The Baader Morpheus has a bigger eye relief so that the camera can focus better than Delos. You can enjoy a better view of the subject with Baader Morpheus eyepieces.

Tele Vue Delos 17.3 mm– Unbeatable Eyepiece with Amazing Clarity

It gives you a wider and enough clear planetary view. You can enjoy your view by even wearing your glasses, and this makes it preferable by many. With perfect eye relief, it is the best lens for night sky observation.

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Comparing Which One Has A Better Image And Restrain Stray Light

Both of the eyepieces work the best to make the scene look as alive as possible. The architecture of these items is incomparable. Still, we need to check who offers more that you should keep into your observing gearbox.

In both the processing and the optical architecture, Baader has invested as much effort. The Phantom Coating® Category is a given collection, rare-earth glasses, waterproof boxes, and blacked lens edges. The overarching aim is to have a functional design: i.e., minimal weight metal, optimized to be viewed in a wide variety of bios, picture video thread, and the all-new safety keys 11⁄4 and 2” (no undercut). In the night, you love the simple drawing of the eyewear and the gravure of the photo-light.

In comparison, a new height eye guard device is further improved. You can change it continuously to lock in any place. Since the Delos eye-lens measures a vast 35mm diameter, it will pay off with a good increase in perceived contrast to prevent stray light. And it can from reflecting the first surface and exterior light. The eye guard’s slipping motion helps the soft rubber eye caps be placed at the appropriate height to accommodate the desired observer. The markings on the ocular body are helpful reference guides to position you precisely. For Dioptrx owners, the eye guard will even rotate.

Our research and user reviews have concluded that Delos offers a better image for mid-range watches. And this also provides various users to use it effectively. The Delos comes with an eyepiece that is easily usable for glass users. The Baader just lacks this feature only for some users. It is usable for any glass-wearing user, but it’s not a dedicated one; that’s what it’s missing.

The one that caught our eye here is Tele Vue Delos 14 mm for less disturbing light and glass users dedicated to design.

Tele Vue Delos 14 mm Eyepiece– Budget-Worthy Telescope Lens

The best you can get from this Delos 14 mm is so intense and brighter view even in extreme conditions. However, It might seem pricy to some, but it will worth every buck you spend on it.

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Comparison of Build Quality

The comparison in the build quality is one place your attention should be most. In Tele Veu Delos Vs Baader Morpheus, in our opinion, the winner is Baader Morpheus.

You want to have an eyepiece which is water and dustproof. Baader Morpheus is a nitrogen-filled eyepiece barrel that is compact and un-openable. Besides, it comes with a single-casing non-removable barrel, and no dust and water can enter into the casing. And nitrogen gas is sealed tightly to keep it in the barrel for life long.

The Delos is not as durable or weatherproof as Baader Morpheus. Besides, it is a more open design eyepiece. For the gaps between joints, dust can easily enter into the camber and make the lens blurry. According to needs, this is not for a long duration use rather short usability to change the focal length by years.

In our opinion, the Baader Morpheus eyepiece is a clear winner. For a longer lifetime, you have to take this. One of the special reasons for choosing this item is that the company assures a lifetime warranty.

One Final Quality Comparison between Baader Morpheus Vs Tele VueDelos

Baader Morpheus


  • A clear vision of the far sky thanks to High power lens
  • Wider FOV create great images without compromise.
  • Phantom Coating minimizes stray light.
  • Luminous yellow marking for recognition in the dark
  • Textured rubber grip to avoid slipping
  • Great tool for astrophotography
  • Compatible to the multi-series eyepiece
  • EyePiece case free bolt
  • Fully multi-coated
  • Safety undercut barrel
  • A well-made eyepiece for glass wearers
  • Top class astronomy equipment

Which should be your Choice?

Between Baader Morpheus Vs Delos, we recommend you to get Baader Morpheus.

Why do We recommend Baader Morpheus?

It offers a lot within the price. A higher field of view makes sure of getting a better quality image of the subject. A bigger focusing lens makes sure stray light is blocked from viewers’ eyes: Better Eye relief and eye caps. Variable barrel length from 1.25-2” to adjust the viewer’s choice and offers a lot within the price.

Don’t look down on Delos for that. It’s a very good product too.

Why Should You Consider Delos?

Smaller Focus means a better image. This 8mm focusing beast will produce higher quality vision. A small focusing window will let more accurate light enter and reduce disturbance. Night vision is slightly better than the 1st one. It has a Lifetime warranty, so any defects on the module are replaceable.

The bottom line stands here- if you are with a limited budget, Delos is the best pick for you with sound qualities. And you can use the Delos lens for outdoor birding too. However, to get some premium like the Morpheus, you must spend more.


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