501a Vs 502a: Are they Different from Each Other?

The major difference between the 501a and 502a equipment groups is noticeable in terms of their performance. While the 502a features allow heavy-duty and safe performance, the 501a is ideal only for infrequent journeys.

Have you found yourself confused while comparing 501a vs 502a?

501a Vs 502a Comparison Chart

Key Points501a502a
Tow PackageUp to 9000 lbsUp to 13000 lbs
Chrome or Sport PackageOptionalStandard


Though there are no magnificent differences in the exterior of 501a and 502a variations, there are slight upgrades in the 502a exterior.

The latest 502a exterior is in stone grey metallic, whereas the other is in antimatter blue metallic. Also, the 502a headlights are LED, so the headlights assembly looks more designed or luxurious than the 501a halogen lights. 

To up the game of tow capacity, 502a high package has configured 18 inches aluminium chrome-like wheels and tow hooks in the front. In contrast, there are no such exterior features on the 501a optional sport package. 


The 502a package has upgraded the f150 interior with its convenient technological and comfort options. It provides heated front and rear outboard seats, but the 501a package only features heated front seats. So for the passengers in the back seats, a ride during extremely cold temperatures might not be so comfortable. 

Both the packages feature leather seats and a black interior. The feature panel screen is wider on the 502a package than 501a. 

Package Differences 

Both the equipment group packages add soul to your Ford F150, but they have a significant difference in the optional and standard features. You will need to pay some extra bucks to add some optional features to the 501a package.

On the flip side, those features come as standard with the 502a equipment group. In other words, you do not need to spend anything extra to make your 502a model more luxurious and technologically advanced.

The Lariat Chrome Package that comes standard in the 502a has upgraded the exterior build quality of the pickup. It even takes care of your safety as it has configured taillights. But with the 501a sport package, you need to add those parts.

The technology in the 502a package is better than the 501a. The Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist 2.00 is already standard in the 501a. This features an adaptive cruise control system that automatically adjusts the speed and alignment of your vehicle to maintain safety. 

This co-pilot feature saves you a lot of calculations. Because when it detects vehicles or traffic ahead, it slows down the speed automatically. And it goes back to the preset speed once there is no heavy traffic. The lane-centring feature also helps you to stay in the lane. But in the 501a, you will need to add this feature.


The Ford F150 series already provides high-end performance. And the lariat variations that come with two packages vary slightly in performance because of the engine quality and some feature differences. 

The 502a package F150 is better than the other in terms of performance. Because they have combined a full hybrid technology with Ecoboost stalwarts to provide the most horsepower and torque, it feels like a smooth yet powerful ride.

On the flip side, the 501a package mostly combines a 2.7L Ecoboost, which provides 325 HP and 400 lb torque.  And it is not a great deal if you are looking for a heavy-duty truck. You can only tow up to 9,100 lbs. But for a daily low-duty ride, it will not disappoint you.

The 502a package has a combined trailer tow connector, upgraded rear bumper, and 36-gallon fuel tank efficiency to make the tow package heavy-duty compatible. 

The LED headlights are a plus to the performance of the 502a package. Because they produce brighter light but do not generate excessive heat, it helps them provide long-lasting performance. They will not burn out quickly as compared to the halogen bulbs of the 501a package. 

Also, the 502a headlights not only perform well only on a straight ride but also on curves. On a curved road, they illuminate up to 220 feet of the right side of the road. And on a straight road, they can illuminate up to 325 feet of the right side of the road. Remember that the 502a headlights do not dim quickly over time as they perform 90% more efficiently than 501a headlights.


As for the price, the 501a is more affordable than the 502a package. But if you want a luxurious heavy-duty truck, then spending the extra bucks on the 502a is well worth it.

The 501a mid package will cost you approximately $6000 less than the 502a. The price of 502a Chrome or Sport Package is $50,000, whereas the 501a will cost around $44,000.

However, after purchasing the 502a package, you will not need to spend $5000 more to add the LEDs, co-pilot assist 2, or any other convenient feature. But with the 501a package, you will need to invest more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is included in the Ford 502a Package?

The 502a package includes upgraded LED headlights, advanced cruise adaptive control, and a greater tow capacity. Also, it has a 360-degree camera, and trailer reverses guidance, my key safety features to encourage safe driving.

What is included in the 2021 Ford 502a Package?

The 2021 502a package has upgraded the technological features. So, now it includes lane centering, speed sign recognition, and the stop and go feature. So it is now more responsive to auto speed adjusting. It also now provides a choice for chrome or sport package.

Which One Should You Pick?

It gets quite overwhelming to decide the best one when it comes to the 501a vs 502a lariat packages. Because both of them offer quite a lot of features. 

If you want the best tow package capacity, then go for the 502a high equipment group. Because you can tow up to 12,000 lbs. Its tow connector technology, fuel efficiency, and upgraded wheels let your truck tow smoothly even on unpaved roads. So, for your heavy-duty towing, go with the 502a. It is worth the money without a doubt!

On the flip side, if you do not need to travel long distances, then the 501a package is the way to go. It does not give you a high-end load capacity, but not a headache if you are about to use it for regular transport or travel. 

Sometimes, you tend to be on the roads at night more because of your working schedule or hobby. So if it is the case, then the Ford 502a high package is ideal. Because they have configured the LED headlights in this package and those headlights illuminate night roads better than any other. 

The 501a packages have halogen headlights which are not much brighter than the 502a ones. And the yellowish reflection is not suitable for many truck drivers. Even Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has conducted a 2021 f150 501a vs 502a headlights test, and the LEDs stand the test of time. 

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