4 Inch Lift Vs 6 Inch Lift Silverado

Decisions like having to choose between the 4 inch lift vs 6 inch lift Silverado kits are not easy. These are actual confusions that many who are looking forward to grabbing a good kit for their Silverado go through. Apart from being different in inches, what are other things that differentiate these lift kit choices, that’s what we are after.

So, to make things easier and get a lift kit that fits right into your upgrade demands, we have chosen some factors that are somewhat different in these two comparison participants.

Also, while doing the analysis, some really amazing lift kits showed up. We feel like these do need a shout-out. So, there will be recommendations that you can choose to check out. Let’s get into the whole comparison and dive deep into this topic.

Comparing 4 Inch Lift Vs 6 Inch Lift Silverado

When considering about both 4-inch and 6-inch lift working, they are best in the field for Silverado trucks. But, they do vary in purpose, form and function.

So, let’s dig into what poles them apart from one another in comparison points down below:

4 Inch Lift

6 Inch Lift

High-End, Noiseless, And Stable May Increase Fuel Spending and Effect on Maneuver Ability
Ease Of Usage
Takes 4-10 Hours To Install For Comfort Usage Not As User-Friendly As 4 Inch Lift
Improves Ground Clearance But Not For Rocky Path Good For Bumpy Paths Filled With Rocks
Easier To Use That Doesn’t Need Extra Care Require Care And Maintenance To Work Well
Truck Lifting Ability
Lower Lifts For Level And Flat Riding Feel Higher Lifts For Off-Road Riding Experience

Let’s take a look into all the differences to pick a winner of 4 inch lift vs 6 inch lift Silverado battle:

Gaps Between Their Performance

Most people pick a lift kit for its performance to use on the truck. If talking about both 4-inch and 6-inch lift kits performance, they give differing experiences.

The 4-inch lift kits are durable that won’t rust or wear easily. And, they help to improve the truck steering ability when running at full speed. Plus, most users find them fine for noiseless working that won’t cause tire s to run unevenly on the road.
In comparison, the 6-inch lift kits are tough to stand a good while. And, they have better function and handling to ride on most critical roads. But a few people don’t like that they increase fuel consumption.

And, they may give bad maneuver for normal use. That makes the 4-inch lift kits winner for their excellent performance.

***Our Recommendation- Readylift 4” SST Lift Kit With Low Fuel Consumption***

Designed for 2019-21 Silverado trucks, this Readylift 4 inch lift kit is a highly functional option. It is also easy to handle and maneuver. Most users love its lifting height and working that save fuel indirectly. And, this lift kit is a great investment.

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Comparing The Ease Of Usage

Neglecting the ease of usage of lift kits will cause a big struggle in the future. When it comes to both 4-inch and 6-inch lift kit’s ease of usage, they vary from one another if trying in real.

Starting from the 4-inch lift kits, they are very simple to work with based on the user’s real-life experience. Most people find them the best lift kits for ride quality thanks to their ease of usage. And, we find them very unique and handy to get the desired riding feel.

Even if they lack to ride in the rocky paths, the 4-inch lift kits are great to use for Silverado trucks. And, most users find them easy to install that will need not more than 4 to 10 hours. Plus, they give supportive ground clearance to use well.

Conversely, the 6-inch lift kits are efficient and powerful to use for gravel path killing rides. They as well grant good user-friendly parts to ensure no struggle over shock or vibration. But a few users don’t like the fact that they need more than 15 hours to set up.

Other than that, they have nice functions to use well. Thus, we find the 4-inch lift kits better for use in Silverado trucks.

***Best Recommendations- Cognito 4-Inch Standard Lift Kit Featuring Nice Accessibility***

The Cognito 4” lift kit is a unique option that takes 10 hours for DIY install. It is also handy and reliable for use on Silverado trucks. We as well love its high-quality parts that won’t wear or peel easily after years of use. In short, this lift kit is an excellent pick.

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Dissimilarities Between Their Protection

The lift kits should have good protection and security to use for a long while. If talking about both 4-inch and 6-inch lift kits, they have huge differences based on the user’s experience.

The 4-inch lift kits are built of durable material that would go a long way. Also, the most brand offers 4-inch lift kits that are tough to use on any riding conditions. And, they ensure better ground clearance for Silverado tires to run faster without affecting handling.

But a few users find the 4-inch lift good for only an on-ride experience. They may grant a protective look and feel of bumpy tires. But we find them not enough for rocky paths or gravel riding. They also don’t grant a smooth off-road riding feel.

In contrast, the 6-inch lift kits mostly have a steel frame and other parts to get the desired lifting. They as well have good lifting to get an off-road riding feel. And, most users find them a better choice for off and on-road riding.

They are also great in protection that won’t cause damages on truck tires. For that reason, most users find the 6-inch lift better to get a perfect off-road experience.

***Best Recommendations- Fabtech 6” Performance Lift Kit With Tough Frame***

Made out of 1/4” thick steel, the Fabtech 6 inch lift kit is a nice choice for durability. It has OE-style parts to use on trucks well. Also, we love its 5 years of protection to use a longer period at ease. By and large, this lift kit is protective to grant better lifting on gravel.

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Diversities Between The Maintenance

Truck lifts do need maintenance for increasing stability by repairing well. And, the 4-inch and 6-inch lift kits have huge gaps when it comes to their maintenance rules.

The Silverado 4 inch lift kits of any brand grant good lifting with many years of assurance. They as well are made with solid steel material that won’t wear easily. Besides, most users of 4-inch kits don’t find any hitches with daily maintenance.

Not only that they are less expensive on repair or restore but also ensure no hitch of extra spending. We also find them great that helps to keep truck in a stable speed without wasting extra fuel or oil. And, they only need simple customizable options thanks to the parted sections.

Then again, the 6-inch lift kits are a great option for a strong riding feel. They as well grant better riding improvement that needs extra maintenance. A few people don’t like the 6-inch lift kits for their repair cost that may need often compared to others.

Yet, the 6-inch lift kits have good accessibility. And so, most users find the 4-inch lift kits better for using on Silverado trucks that need less maintenance.

***Best Recommendations- BDS 4″ Lift Kit Featuring Easy Fitment***

This BDS 4” lift set is a great choice for an easy fitting process. It has all the tools to easily set up with no struggle. Besides, most users find it very protective and simple to take care of. In brief, this lift set is an all-rounder for the latest Silverado trucks.

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Contrast Of Their Truck Lifting Ability

The truck lifting ability of the lift kit is a very essential point to ensure riding improvement. And, both 4-inch and 6-inch lift kits are excellent for different purposes that make one winner.

The 4-inch lift kits usually have a lower lifting ability that helps to get more level ground clearance. Most people find the 4-inch lift kits good for their daily life usage with no off-road feel. Also, we find them good for use on both 33-inch and 35-inch tires.

But people who want higher lifting to get a more aggressive or adventurous riding feel will not like 4-inch lifts. Since they have level lifting ability, the 4-inch lift kits keep the truck tire stable for a catchy look and ride on the road. Other than that, it is a good alternative for Silverado.

On the other side, the 6-inch lift kits give more like a higher and violent riding feel. Most people like them for an on and off-road riding feel. We as well find them great for getting a powerful lift on gravel with no hassle.

Also, the 6-inch lifts will give better height when riding over rocks. If we have to say who’s better, then it would be 6-inch lift kits for their excellent lifting on unfavorable road conditions.

***Best Recommendations- BDS 6″ Lift Kit With Off-Road Lifting***

The BDS 6 inch lift kit is one of the finest in quality for an off-road feel. It lifts the tire in the supreme height to improve steering. Most people find it solid and functional. In a nutshell, this lift kit has a nice finish and rigidity to use on Silverado pickup trucks.

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Top 7 Picks

Product Name

Key Benefits


Rough Country 68130 4″ Lift Kit
  • Lifts In Perfect Height
  • Easy To Work With
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ReadyLift 69-3411 SST 4″ Lift Kit
  • Improves Movement & Handling
  • Fits On Any Space Easily
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Skyjacker TJ401BPH 4″ Lift Kit
  • Lessen Wastage Of Fuel
  • Grants Smooth Riding
Check Price
Rough Country 68230 4″ Lift Kit
  • High In Quality
  • Functional & Stability
Check Price
Rough Country 6” GM NTD Suspension Lift Kit
  • Very Constant & High Lifting
  • Simple To Clean
Check Price
Superlift 6-Inch Lift Kit
  • Long Lasting
  • Quick To Setup
  • Gives An Aggressive Look
  • Better For Maneuvers
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Overall Thoughts

From a comparison perspective, there’s actually not much to worry about between 4 inch lift vs 6 inch lift Silverado kits. It’s about your preference and certain requirements.

Performance, usage, and maintenance-wise, the 4-inch options are quite good in giving you a great upgradation benefit. The off-road performance is quite impressive. On the other hand, with the 6-inch lift kits, you’ll have better lifting ability as well as some maintenance benefits, which could be also two of the most important criteria to choose.

From a general view, how compatible the lift kit is with your vehicle, no matter what variant, is also a very serious consideration you should take into account.


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