3M Super 33 Vs Super 88 – Which Is Your Go-To Type Tape?

Before buying a tape, one should prior the quality regardless of brand. But how can you find the quality product if you don’t know about them?

Super 33 and super 88 is the top hit vinyl electrical tape from 3M. When you are supposed to pick one, you must be in a dilemma about what to choose. Because super 33 and super 88 works great in their way.

If you see the difference between Scotch Super 33 Vs Super 88, you will get a clear idea about those tapes. And it will help you to choose your product. So, let’s look through the comparison below to know more.

Comparison Table For 3m Super 33 Vs Super 88

Key FactsSuper 33Super 88
Thickness (mil)78.5
Elasticity (inches )2224
Tensile Strength (lbs)9.214.2
Cold Tem. Adhesion (lbs)-15’F108.6
Oven Heated Tape Adhesion (lbs)4.25
Size3/4″ X 66′3/4″ X 44′
Strength (Backing Strength)15 lb/in20 lb/in
Sticking Power (Adhesion to Steel)28 oz/in25 oz/in
Best ApplicationMedium to Heavy DutyHeavy Duty

Our Top Competitor: Super 88 Vinyl Electrical Tape – Best For Heavy Duty

Super 88 is the first choice for consumers, with its fire retardant, weather-resistant, thickness. This rubber-based vinyl tape is also less costly. Check the featured details for Scotch Super 88 vs 33; you will know why we recommended super 88.

Rich Thickness

The super 88 electrical vinyl tape is versatile. The thickness of a tape modifies how much tension it can take. The more would be the thickness, the better it will last. The thickness of 3M Super 88 is 8.5mili, which is the most among all the electrical tape.

Best With Elasticity

The more elasticity a tape has, the more stretch it can bear. Super 88 has an elasticity of 24 inches. That means it will break after 24 inches stretch.

Cold Temperature Adhesion Power

Super 88 works pretty well in all weather. It can maintain under control at average temperature; also, it remains stable in cold temperature. With -15’F/ -26’C temperature, the super 88 breaks at 8.6lbs strength.

High-Temperature Adhesion

In a steel metal at 175’c temperature, the super 88 doesn’t leave any adhere behind. And the tape takes 5lbs force to remove from the steel. That means at a high temperature the 3M super 88 maintains it sticks and doesn’t split the glue.

Tensile Strength

Tensile strength is about how much load it can take without fracture. The tensile strength of super 88 is 14.2lbs. And this range is very high compared to other electrical tapes.

Less Costly

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to consider a quality product for the price. But super 88 is the best quality product that offers less cost. Whereas there are so many costly electrical tapes, you will find that it is not as capable as super 88.


  • Able to take high pressure
  • Remains flexible and adhesive in the arctic
  • Long term performance in electrical insulation
  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • Extra thickness
  • All-weather type insulating tape
  • Best for extreme rough condition


  • Heavier than other tapes

Our Fellow Competitor: Super 33 Vinyl Electrical Tape For Medium Usage

With UV rays resistance, moistures, PVC baking offers super 33 has also made its place in the top list. Super 33 is an everyday go-to type duct tape, ideal for underground.. It is compatible with super 88 in many ways. But for medium usage, this is ideal to have.

The Thickness of super 33

Super 33 is not lacking in thickness. It has a 7.02mil thickness, which is enough for an electrical tape. The consistency helps to improve the elasticity of electric tape.


This super 33 insulating tape offers PVC baking that helps it to become more elastic. The elasticity of super 33 is 22 inches. This elasticity provides mechanical and electrical protection.

Cold Temperature Adhesion

The 3M super 33 has an aggressive adhesive that helps to keep the tape’s moisture. And the adhesion remains the same at -15′ F/26′ C cold temperatures. At this point, super 33 works better than other tapes. In 15′ F, it takes 10lbs force to break the tape

High-Temperature Adhesion

The super 33 electrical tapes can bear up to 175′ C temperature to break the elasticity at 4.2lbs force. So it’s clear that super 33 is compatible for the summer season also.

Moderate Tensile Strength

The maximum force a super 33 can bear is 9.2lbs. The tensile strength depends on the elastic capacity. The more elasticity a tape has, the more it will have the strength to remain stable without fracture.

Working As Resistant

An electric tape mainly works as an insulation material. Super 33 is an insulation electric vinyl tape that resists UV rays. It also helps to avoid corrosion, resists alkalis and acids.

Price Aspect

The price of the super 33 electrical tapes is a bit costly. You can get it for around 8.98$. But you can say super 33 deserves this price. However, you can get a small size at a low price.


  • Suitable for indoor and everyday use
  • Not much heavy
  • Resists corrosion, alkalis, and acids
  • Highly comfortable
  • Can be a protective jacket for high voltage cables
  • Strong adhesion


  • Hard to get rid of the adhering

What Should Be Your Preferred Tape?

Super 33 is a professional-grade electrical tape when super 88 is heavy-duty electrical tape. We cannot underestimate any of them. But if we are out to prefer one from super 33 Vs super 88, Super 88 would be our recommendation.

Because their features are likely the same, but super 88’s ability is much better than super 88. Super 88 has outrun super 33 by elasticity, temperature adherence, price, and many others aspect.

By the way, the electrical tape varies their service depends on their type. So now it’s up to you to choose your 3M vinyl electrical tape.

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