15 AMP Vs 20 AMP Outlet – Make the Right Choice

Are you confused between 15 AMP vs 20 AMP outlet? We all know amperage plays a vital role in the power supply of a home. So whenever you install an HVAC unit for your home or a new outlet, you must make sure that there is an adequate power supply to run it. When there is not enough power supply, there is a possibility of an electrical accident.

For example, when you use a 15 amp outlet for a 20 amp outlet, it is likely to fuse.Here, you will find a decisive comparison between 15 amp and 20 amp outlets based on various electrician experts’ advice and our research.

Basic Comparison On 15 AMP Vs 20 AMP Outlet

15 AMP Outlet

20 AMP Outlet

Shape Outlook
Normal vertical slots Additional T-shaped horizontal slot
Loading Ability
Load low electrical current Loads hefty amount of electrical current
Suitable for household appliances, lamps, and other accessories Suitable for heavy-duty appliances, power tools, or others
Receptacles Availability
Allows eight receptacles on 15 AMP circuit Allows ten receptacles on a 20 AMP circuit
Wire Gauges
Served by 14 gauge wire Served by 12gauge wire
Breaker Capacity
Up to 1800- 3600 watts depending on voltage Up to 2400 -4800 watts depending Voltage diff
Less stiff Comparatively stiffer

Difference in Appearance

The 15 AMP outlet always provides a classy modern look. Though nowadays you will find a more upgraded outlet in the market. They look more fashionable. Manufacturing companies use thermoplastics to make these outlets. For this, they look shiny and modern. You will get less hazard while cleaning the plastic cover.

But when you look for 20 AMP outlets, you will find a T-shaped plug point that is horizontally designed aside. It helps you to use heavy electrical equipment. For this T-shaped point, the outlet appears more comfortable. The 20 AMP provides a modern and chic appearance.

If you see TOPGREENER High-Speed 20 Amp USB Outlet, the manufacturer gives extra care to shape them well. The outlets are also rust-resistance. If you want your home to look good, the electrical wiring must be excellent.

Tamper Resistance Ability of Both

The 15 power outlet is tremendously tamper resistant. As many of these outlets are of thermoplastics, you can use 15 amp outlets without hesitating twice. The receptacle blocks ensure access to the contacts. The Best Leviton 15 Amp Tamper Resistant Duplex Receptacle provides a great tamper-resistant feature.

The heavy-duty construction of a 15 amp outlet offers a long, trouble-free service life. You will never worry about the temper resistance feature of this outlet. The 15 AMP outlet would be better for your home’s electrical wiring.

The 20 AMP outlets are suitable for home, school, and office settings. The thermoplastic material of 20 AMP outlets allows it to be more tamper-resistant. The high-quality tamper-resistant feature gives a higher than usual plug insertion effort, which is also a security feature.

Ease of Installation

The 15 AMP electric receptacle is easy to install. This outlet is fit to a single gang electrical box. You can install it on any standard duplex. The power outlet also fits in the grounded circuit wall. Replacing and upgrading the existing electric outlets with a safe and tamper-resistant circuit outlet or replacing the outlet location is very easy.

When it is time to judge 20 AMP outlet installation, it will be meaningful to mention that the installation is more accessible with the captive mounting screws. When you install the GFCI receptacle correctly be sure, it will work correctly.

The 20 AMP outlet is effortless to install in the electric box. We got a report that by only 10 minutes is enough to install the outlets.ELEGRP20 amp USB Charger Wall Outlet provides relatively more straightforward installation removing all hazards. But make sure before installation that you go through the detailed instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Strength And Protection

The heavy-duty construction of a 15 AMP outlet offers you a long, trouble-free service life. For the childproof system, you will not need to add any additional plastic cover over the receptacle.

The manufacturer adds an extra protection cover inside the plug so that no one will harm by the electricity’s heavy voltage. Thus the outlet holes keep the family member safe from being shocked by electricity. This outlet provides secure and heavy-duty service to its users.

In 20 AMP receptacles, the large-head terminal screws secure the outlet firmly. Heavy-gauge and rust-resistant steel mounting straps make the outlet weather-friendly. The 20 AMP outlet provides secure protection all over every season.

If you see the Leviton Weather-Resistant Receptacle, it provides extra security against all the electrical hazards. Again, the 20 outlet is best not only for your home, but it also gives the best service in any institutional wiring.

Other Features

If you want the best outlet for residential usage, you must have to be careful to choose one. The safety matter is essential for your family members. Most of the 15 AMP outlet fits a single gang electrical box that supports a standard duplex.

You will get the double-wipe power contacts in 15 AMP receptacles for reliable conductivity that allows plug retention. The shutter mechanism blocks foreign objects like hairpins.15 AMP outlet keeps the keys from any outside contact. However, it requires a minor complicated procedure of rapping the wire around the screw. This power outlet gives you safe and most extended durability.

The 20 AMP power outlet supports general households without concern about overload. You will get an upgraded version of the 20 AMP receptacle with a safer tamper-proof outlet to provides a permanent solution. The 20 amperage outlet prevents the accidental insertion of external objects.

Another mentionable feature of a 20 AMP power outlet is it ensures you better performance and reliability. Most of the manufacturer adds a warranty with their products. You need not worry about the warranty period, and you can gain the product without any hesitation.

Again, some producers provide light indicators in outlets. These indicators would be helpful for you to understand the power outlet is working correctly. With this indicator, you will able to know whether the outlet is on. Be sure you can use a 15 AMP power required device in a 20 AMP circuit, but you can not use a 20 AMP plugin for 15 AMP circuits.

Top 3 Picks Of15 AMP Outlet

1. TOPGREENERUSB Wall Outlet– Delivers the highest power

The dual USB ports are enough to charge your daily electronic devices. It helps to charge the devicesfaster, more comfortably, and conveniently in any room of your house. This wall outlet has 2x wall plates with a tamper-resistant outlet that promotes electricity safely.

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2. Leviton Tamper Resistant receptacle– Offers trouble-free service life

The impact-resistant design allows fast installation and most extended durability. This power outlet meets the 2008 NEC mandate that ensures residential usage safety.

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3. Leviton Decora Duplex Receptacle– Heavy-gauge zinc-plated steel mounting strap

This duplex receptacle provides a shallow build for maximum wiring room—the double-wipe power contacts for reliable conductivityensure the plug retention system.

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Top 3 Picks Of 20 AMP Outlet

1. GFCI Weather Resistant Receptacle– Provides LED indicator with decorative wall plates

With premium high-impact resistant thermoplastic materials, this outlet provides superior strength and durability. It offersexcellent corrosion, temperature, and UV resistance that prevents discoloration.

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2. Leviton SmartlockPro Slim Receptacle– Continuous ground fault protection

This device allows you for fast and easy installation. Leviton outlet has a circuit interrupter protector that helps to protect the electrical hazards. This white color device allows up to 125 volts and works at 125 watts.

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3. Leviton Slim Body Duplex Receptacle– Maximum conductivity and plug retention

The shallow design and fastest installation make the Leviton receptacle unique. The rust-resistant steel mounting strap provides the most demanding feature for use in any environment.

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What Should Be Your Final Choice?

Many people have less knowledge about 15 AMP vs 20 AMP outlets that are suitable for daily use. Here is a simple solution. If you want to use outlets in your home wiring that is cheap but reliable and can handle all your home devices, then 15 AMP is perfect for you. Because in residential use, it needs less voltage to run every device.

But when you think 15 AMP is not enough for you, you can choose 20 AMP outlets.It will be a great decision to place 20 AMP outlet in any institutional wiring because it requires extra electric voltage to meet any institutional electric needs.

More again, if you didn’t know how to tell if outlet is 15 or 20 amps, after this context hopefully you got enough to be sure.


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