Too Busy? Decisive Comparing Here on 120mm Vs 140mm Fans

Are you installing the right type of CPU fans? But is the bigger size case fan perform better? No, some other facts implying a 120mm Vs 140mm fans comparison.

We find many suggesting the bigger size of fan for more airflow. But things don’t only work for the size here but some more. No worries. We will know about those facts and have a beneficial comparison with enough details.

Let’s start!

Comparison of Two CPU Cooler 120mm Vs 140mm Fans

120mm Fans

140mm Fans

Smaller Larger than 120mm fans
Airflow CFM
Moderate airflow CFM More airflow with a higher CFM range
Spin Type
Higher spinning speed Comparatively lower spinning speed
Fan Noise
Moderate depending on models Super quiet
Pricing Range
Average Slight higher but worth it
Heat Sink
Comparatively higher Highly lower heat sinking capability

Features Comparison For 120mm And 140mm Computer Fans

Let’s have the practical comparison for both fans, including some fan recommendations for your PC build.

140mm Fans & 120mm Fans In Case of Size

Let’s start by comparing the size as the major thing you need to consider is how much space your CPU case has for the fan mount.

If you consider a 120mm fan dimensions, it is 120x120x 25, which is quite a standard size for the regular CPU cases. And you can use around 2 to 3 120mm fans according to your CPU performance.

In the case of 140mm fan dimensions, it features 140x140x 25, covering the length, width, and height. Well, now, depending on this dimension, you may anticipate the size for both fans. Yes, no denying, the 140mm fan is way bigger than a 120mm fan CPU. So, you might think your case has enough space before you get more than one 140mm fan.

Listen, this size may come in the focusing part when comparing 140mm Vs 120mm case fans. Still, it does not make sense to go for only the smaller one as Noctua140mm with 6 heat pipes works as one in itself. So, a single bigger one can perform more sometimes than that of the smaller two. How? You will know them in further facts.

Comparing Airflow of 120mm & 140mm Computer Fans

Airflow type and mode are quite the same for the two fans. But when it comes to considering the case fan for heavy load CPUs, you need some more airflow to cool your CPU.

Here, the 140mm fan can finely do this job for you more than a 120mm fan could. The larger size of the fan comes with a larger fan blade offering more airflow. However, it is more understandable by the airflow measurement in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute).

Both fans come with the same static pressure but, 140mm fans provide more airflow with a higher CFMcooling range. And on the other side, a 120mm fan can flow air within a bit lower CFM.

Well, this does not make the 120mm fan negligible at all. The ARCTIC P12120mm with optimized pressure has won over millions’ hearts for its super airflow rating with 10 degrees Celcius lower motor temperature. So, both are highly competitive with featuring criteria.

Comparing 120mm & 140mm Fans Noise

Another crucial part of the case fan is the noise of the fan. Generally, the noise or the sound frequency depends on how rough or smooth the fan spins. And in most cases, it is seen that the larger size of the fan makes less noise than the smaller one.

Based on this, a 140mm fan has a lower sound frequency than a 120mm fan. Be quiet 140mm case fan is such. And a 120mm fan comes with a higher sound frequency roughly spinning, resulting in such noise that many don’t prefer to hear during working. The smaller fan, the louder it is.

But it does not mean all the 120mm fans come with higher sound frequency. The CONISY120mm LED case fans are a super quitter. However, if you consider 2×140 Vs 3x120mm for a case fan, 2 140mm can finely balance the noise.

Comparison for 120mm & 140mm Case Fans Performance

The performance for both fans is quite similar. The cooling performance is not a less essential point to compare.

The cooling performance will define how cool the fan can keep your PC by dissipating more airflow and heat sinking. And this depends on the spin speed of the fan.

It is proven in some case fans that a 140mm fan’s spinning speed is lower than that of a 120mm case fan. With the lower spin speed, a 140mm fan might keep all the dust and debris away from the case. Still, it might fail in cooling your CPU, especially when you are using it as a radiator fan.

On the contrary, a 120mm case fans come to a step ahead with a higher speed of the fan spinning as well as high heat sinking when used in between the radiator for heat sinking. ARCTIC F12120mm fan up to 1350 rpm spin speed can benefits much when heavy working like overclocking and gaming.

So, both 120mm and 140mm fans come with the average spin speed and cooling performance. But in terms of heat sinking 2 or 3 120mmradiator fans with 1 or 2 140mm fans can be the best choice.

Comparing The Price Range Between 140mm & 120mm Fans

When comparing 120mm and 140mm fan, both are highly competitive with giving a top-notch performance. But in the case of price, the variance arises based on the model, quality, user purpose,etc.

If you consider the 120mm fan, it is average in price with the best cooling performance output. On the other hand, the 140mm fan definitely costs you a bit higher than the 120mm. But this extra does not seem that high. It’s just you get what you pay for.

However, some quality brands of 120mm radiator fans come ina moderately higher price range giving superior performance.

Top 3 Best 120mm Fans

1. ARCTIC F12 Five Value Pack Higher RPM Speed with Quiter Motor

The improved blade design and fluid dynamic bearings help it in avoiding any lubricant leakage. And the higher spin speed is best for high heat sinking with average temperature.

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2. Antec120mm Fan Maintenance-Free Pack with 3-in Connector

The Build-quality of this fan is superior. And the 3 pin connector availability offers you ease of use with more airflow.

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3. Uphere 3 in 1 Pack Economical Solution of CPU Cooling

For those looking for some economic use of the cooling fan,Uphere is the best solution. It not only offers cooling capacity with lower noise, but you get eco-friendly RoHS technology here.

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Top 3 Best 140mm Fans

1. Corsair 140mmCase Fan Premium Magnetic CPU Fan

It comes with anti-vibration rubber corners and a premium magnetic levitation module. And the higher spin speed with lower noise offers excellent performance output.

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2. Noctua140mm 4-Pin PWM Award-Winning Coiling Fan

It is another 140mm cooling fan beating all. The premium design, higher rpm of speed, and the color customizing opportunity make this fan preferable.

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3. Thermaltake Ring 140mm Fan Anti-Vibrating LED Radiator Fan

This fan comes with high-end static pressure. And the improved balance of power and noise is impressive. On top, the circular LED gives it an attractive look.

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Which Cooling Fan Is For You?

To conclude, this debate over 120mm Vs 140mm fans for CPU is the critic to chose one over another. Both offer quality cooling performance and spinning speed rate.

But if you need to switch in between these, the choice goes over the work purpose. If your purpose is to get the cooling performance for moderate to your CPU’s standard use, 2 120mm case fans can do the job.

However, for high-end overclocking tasks, high-end gaming performance,or even heat sinking on the radiator, a 140mmcooling fan gets the point here.


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